After Ananya Pandey, Alanna Panday Is Also Making Bollywood Debut ?

After Ananya Pandey, Alanna Panday Is Also Making Bollywood Debut ?

Jul 30, 2021, 11:58:43 AM Entertainment

Ananya Pandey rose through the ranks of Bollywood very quickly, and it cannot be due to nepotism alone. Audiences make or break his careers in the film industry, and so far, viewers have found his public persona, whether it's his on-screen charm or off-screen friendship, very attractive. head. . Naturally, many are interested in watching his first film. Will it happen, and if it does, when? To get these answers, we put his uncle, Chunky Pandey, in the hot seat during an exclusive interview. Here's what she had to say about Alanna Panday’s Bollywood debut

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Sparing no words about Alanna Panday's plans to enter Bollywood, either in front of or behind the camera, Chunky Pandey said: "Nahi, Alanna nahi, woh Bollywood nahi karna chahti hai (No, Alanna no, she doesn't want to do Bollywood) No, no, No (confirms), she's pretty sure she wants to do what she's doing: modeling in the United States."

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The much-anticipated Indian film opening of his daughter Ananya Pandey Liger along with Telugu star Vijay Devarakonda; Actor Housefull added, "I'm so excited for Liger. I always tell Ananya it's going to be a great commercial for her. And I've seen some trailers for the movie too, I have to admit, and this guy, Vijay Deverakonda, is absolutely amazing. Oh my gosh... Oh.. Oh... oh... so handsome and he's done a great job. He's multi-skilled: he does the move, he dances, he does everything, he's really good. And Jodi and Ego seem great. So, I'm really, really excited about the Liger. (Pauses and thinks)...I even should have played a part in that.(Nevertheless) I have to go to an audition (laughs.) Oooh, hit the hi picture.(The movie is successful).

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So you have, two for the price of one in the same interview, Ananya Pandey's latest Liger update and put an end to all the rumors about Alanna Panday's Bollywood debut.

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