2016 USA Elections

2016 USA Elections

Nov 10, 2016, 3:29:10 AM Opinion

(Originally on my blog)

Well, Donald Trump won. Firstly, a heartfelt congratulations to him as I hope he is really able to make America greater than it currently is. 
However, I do have my concerns. From what I've seen, suicide lines are getting flooded with people from the LGBT community being afraid. Trump was known as an anti-LGBT president. What would happen to gay or queer people? They would be forced to undergo therapy and hide their true identities. Is this fair to them?
Trump, as most people know, is rather racist as well. What would happen to all those people, especially Muslim women who wear hijab, if Trump spreads his islamphobia. Would those non-white people be targeted and ridiculed? Do they have to act non-Muslim too? 
Funny thing is, Singapore intends to have Malay candidates running for presidency next year. If our Malay president happens to be Muslim, what about state visits? Would it be safe to conduct a state visit in America with Trump?
Otherwise, I believe that any candidate running for presidency has the country's best interests at heart, whichever country it may be. 
Dear Mr Donald Trump, please make America greater than before without doing anything that could put the non-whites and those in the LGBT community at risk, you have my sincere thanks. 

Published by Vitae Ihlathi

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