Fauna of the Earth

Fauna of the Earth

Aug 21, 2016, 3:05:31 AM Viral

They share the same surroundings as us, they breathe the same air and may even consume what we eat. What are they? They are the fauna to this earth. They are all around us every single day. Most of us wake up everyday to the beautiful chirping of birds. They are so enthusiastic about singing their songs to a point where some people find it irritating. We find ourselves hurling insults at them for disturbing our slumber, and we threaten to strangle our feathered fiends when we find signs of their presence in the forms of white and black puddles, the size of a button
Yet, they are, to some old folks, a source of entertainment. Just like how we love our pet cats and dogs, why are we unable to do the same to other animals? When we find the excretions of geckos and cockroaches in our houses, why do we find it revolting to clean it up? When our pet dog urinates or takes a dump, we just clear it for them, even going to the point of cleaning their butts for them. When we see a cockroach, is it normal to kill them just based on our first instinct? Yes, we may call them pests, but some humans are considered pests too. The definition of pest is" a destructive insect or animal that attacks crops, food, livestock etc, an annoying person or thing." 
When a human is annoying, are we allowed to kill that person?
To survive, all animals need to eat. The animals or insects you regard as pests are no exception either. Just because the food they eat happens to be the food that we eat too, is that a valid enough reason to kill them? If we are in their position, we would want to survive too. Don't you realize that just because we humans are bigger and stronger than them, we are allowed to kill them for eating our food? This is considered a form of bullying to me. What makes us more deserving to be able to eat that compared to them. What about houseflies? Do they do anything to harm us? Nope, they don't.  The only crime they ever did was to beat their wings and fly about, causing us irritation. Flies are concerned only for their own business. It is a crime to land on a table? Yes, they might transmit diseases. But if we kill them just for that reason alone, when a human is infected with a strain of disease, why do we bother with quarantine? We might as well just kill that person so the virus can die off altogether.When an animal moves into the space we live in, why do we find it a necessity to chase or kill them? 
When we require more land for housing and entertainment purposes, we do not hesitate to clear trees for land. Involuntarily, we cause many animals to be homeless and yet those poor critters are unable to retaliate. Mankind is blessed with the power of speech but animals weren't so lucky. We have been at war with them since the dawn of time. We plunder their land and call them a nuisance while doing it. We kill any animal, we sell the body parts and we get paid a kings ransom for it. They kill a human, Eeeeh hunt them down, kill them and get hailed a hero. The earth was created for all of us, what right do we have to act as gods of this world and to control the will of animals. We lay claim to this dying home of ours we call Earth, but the truth is that we are the ones who take a knife to Gaia's neck. We destroy the homes of animals and yet we call it goodwill. Many species of animals are dying out. Instead if hunting them, we should try our best to protect them. Our eons of selfishness gas causes the suffering of our Mother Earth. Now, it is time to revive what we can.

Published by Vitae Ihlathi

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