Matters of the Mind

Matters of the Mind

Matters of the heart and mind

Some people might wonder, why did I choose to start my blog? Some choose to be a blogger for money and the fame, others did it as a hobby while some blog to influence their readers. As for me, I chose to be a blogger, with all three reasons in mind.
 I am an ambitious child, and only at the age of 14, I already have plans for the future. I wish to be a model, author and zoologist all at the same time. Writing is my passion, thus being and author has always lurked in my mind.
To be a zoologist was a childhood dream of mine. The first book I ever held in my hands was an encyclopaedia about life in the rainforest. Animals are the thing I love most in life. To find out why, please do wait for my next article, which will be on the 31st of August. I figured that being a zoologist would mean that I could work in a job that I enjoyed, yet get paid for doing it. 
Being a blogger would allow me to open people's eyes to what's happening to the wildlife around everybody. To be a zoologist, years of study is required. I was afraid that I might not have enough money to study that much, thus I wanted to try and earn money at a young age. 
Sometimes, I wonder if I had planned too much for the future. Should I ease up and take things in stride?


Published by Vitae Ihlathi

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