Save this dying earth

Save this dying earth

Oct 10, 2016, 3:48:38 AM Viral

Nature is fighting back, taking back what it gave. Disasters are happening everywhere, and the latest, Hurricane Matthew, is a prime example. Are there any reports of so many disasters in the past where global warming was barely heard of? The answer is no. 
We live on this earth, using what nature provides, yet we have not done anything to thank her for it. Instead, what we have caused is global warming and harmful effects into earth. Would anybody be happy if you helped someone, and all that person did was to hurt you? Put ourselves in Earth's shoes and think of how we can save her. 
We are the only thing that can prevent her from hurting and if we don't stop, more and more disasters will happen. If you're lucky to have not been struck, and if you've read this, do something and act immediately. Plant more, it does not require you to plant huge trees, a mini garden with plants would suffice. It could be a herb garden or a flower garden. As long as you help, you can make a difference. 
The earth is taking back what it gave us as a punishment. Stop destroying earth and start respecting it. 

Published by Vitae Ihlathi

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