What is Facetime Shoot and How to do it

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What is Facetime Shoot and How to do it

Sep 28, 2020, 3:25:57 PM Creative

Because of the current pandemic situation people prefer to stay at home as much as possible. Artists and professionals are asked to work remotely which is a big challenge to the photography industry. Weddings are also postponed and celebrated in simple ways with limited guests, wedding photographers have tough days to survive and run their business. But everything has a solution, in a new normal life, photographers can keep going on virtually and over Facetime.

What is Facetime?

This art of photography first discovered by Russian photographer Konstantin Chalabov during the lockdown period. Now everyone is hooked onto this creative option. Facetime photography means the only way to change anything is to ask the model to do it for you. During lockdown your client or model is also locked down at home, so it's your creativity and skills to adapt to new situations quickly. 

How to Set Up Facetime Photoshoot?

Most important aspect to make Facetime photoshoot happen is a good internet connection. For best results both the client and photographer are connected to the WiFi with good connection quality. There is no option to improve the quality of the photographs later if it gets blurred because of poor connection, so make sure connection is properly established with good speed. Photographers need to be more creative with the things in hand of the client. Use it wisely and effectively that's the key of the Facetime Photography Success.

A useful trop for Facetime photography is smartphone tripod. If your client has a tripod then it becomes easy and they can pose for you hands free. It’s not necessary to have a tripod, you can take plenty of good quality photos without a tripod, it's just an additional benefit for you, if you have it. When you are making a facetime photoshoot, make sure there should be a shutter icon near the bottom of the screen, so you can press it to take photos. If you are having trouble with this method, you can simply take the screenshot by pressing the home button or on/off button.

Make sure you have a quick chat with your client to know what kind of background, clothes are available for shoot. This will help you to prepare for the photoshoot and for poses as well. Once you have got the rough idea of what you have to do and prepare your client, you are ready to go for the shoot. Once you are going live for a shoot, ask your client to quickly introduce the surrounding area, this will help you to pick up ideas from your creative mind for the Facetime shoot. Candid Wedding Photographers have better creative ideas for this kind of shoot. If you have experience of candid photography then it is an add-on for you. 

Facetime Photoshoot is just a fun and experiment, so don't be afraid of it. You may find something creative after a few simple clicks, so don’t be discouraged and disappointed and just go for it. 


For the best result, give your client proper and clear instruction, like “ position your left hand below the chin and look straight” rather than just asking “do something with your hand”. This will help to make the photo smooth and candid. Taking Facetime photography as a challenge and practising these skills can help you to brush up skills for portrait photography in future. Change is constant and necessary, this will be a new change in photography at least till the end of the pandemic situation. Adopting that change may add new skills in your profession. 

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