5 Things I Miss From the 2000's

5 Things I Miss From the 2000's


When recently watching A Cinderella Story with my 14 year old brother, he brought to my attention how “old” the movie was. In one of the opening scenes when Sam Montgomery (Hilary Duff) and Austin Ames (Chad Michael Murray) are texting he started dying with laughter at their phones. “What are those!?” he yelled with laughter. I was so honestly confused at his response. Was this movie that old? Then I got to thinking, when did 2004 become old?

I know I’m young and in 2004 I was still in Elementary school however, it didn’t feel like that long ago when the movie came out. My brother ended up sitting down and watching the movie with me laughing out loud and commenting “OH the oldies” at almost every scene. It sparked an idea to dedicate a post to the “good old days” and what I miss from the 2000’s. I took 5 things from A Cinderella Story to create my list.

ONE- The Flip Phone


Okay so I love my iPhone just as any other materialistic millennial however I miss the days of “ABC” texting on a flip phone. Maybe that’s my nostalgia showing but now with virtual communication so accessible the art of REAL conversation is lost. Also when you got butterflies waiting for text responses from a crush was priceless. Sure those three little dots in iMessage still spark your nerves but it has nothing on waiting for a text from a flip phone!

TWO- Juicy Couture Tracksuits


Here the two step sisters sport these cute little terry tracksuit numbers- not velour. When this movie came out I was definitely into the tracksuit trend. I had four matching tracksuits and honestly I miss them. With athleisure dominating street style and high-end designers alike why can’t I trot around in a terry tracksuit? These babies were super comfortable and an easy outfit; so #trendtheterry should become the next big thing.

THREE- Cheesy Pickup lines


This movie is notorious for the life-inspiring quotes. But it wasn’t just this movie man, it was the 2000’s. The classic pickup lines were great; “Are you tired? Because you’ve been running around my mind all day.” or the cliche “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Sure people still use pickup lines but it doesn’t have the same effect over text as it does when you have a brooding face saying it to you. Which bring us to number four…

FOUR- The OG Brooding Face


TGFCMM- Thank God For Chad Michael Murray. Murray was the OG brooding male teen originating the “brooding face”. Those furrowed eye brows and clenched lips have been breakin’ hearts since 2004. People like Justin Bieber andBrooklyn Beckham are still trying to master Murray’s brood. His brooding persona will never fade no matter how much I re-watch One Tree Hill on Netflix.

FIVE- The OG “Cropped Top”


So y’all may think that calling Hilary Duff’s hipbone baring top the OG crop top is blasphemy considering notable trends coming from the previous three decades. But I like to think of the 2000’s as the original crop top that we see today. In the 70’s they were wearing more of what you would call a bralette; in the 80’s they originated normcore with cutoff t-shirts; and in the 90’s crop tops were layered. In the 2000’s the midriff/hipbone area became an erogenous zone. The crop tops that are popular today are midriff baring originated with the peek-a-boo hipbones popular in the early 2000’s.

What are your thoughts? Are there any nostalgic throwbacks missing from this list? What throwback movies do you watch that make you yearn for the 2000’s? Leave your comments below!

Here are some more of Chad Michael Murray’s brooding face for your enjoyment!



cmm.jpgUHM, yes Becky with the good hair!

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