Aerial Yoga!

Aerial Yoga has been a growing trend with celebrities such as Troian Bellisario from Pretty Little Liars making it look like a flowing interpretive dance routine in the sky and Vanessa Hudgens effortlessly hanging. Aerial yoga has quickly become a coveted form of working out with it looking fun and majestic at the same time.

This summer I got a membership to a yoga shop- shout out to Yoga Body Shop– and started doing hot yoga. I fell in love instantly and can’t get enough of it; but the studio I go to also offers aerial yoga so I thought I would give the trend a try.

The first class I went to I was super nervous because I have no upper body strength- and when I say no I mean like absolutely nothing. I was happily surprised to find out that as much as aerial yoga is an upper body workout you also use the “silks” to help you maneuver through the sky.


Above my cousin and I doing one of the poses- I can’t remember the name.. whoops! The entire aerial yoga class is both rewarding and relieving. Hanging upside down takes a surprising amount of stress off your spine and our instructor always says “you will leave this class taller”. When the class is completed you do feel taller and for me, my back feels completely re-aligned. I have been to an aerial class every Monday and Wednesday for about three weeks so I have gotten down some of the basic moves which allows me to play in the silk more and try new things. Yoga in general helps you push your personal boundaries but aerial yoga feels empowering because you are literally flipping yourself through the air and get to say I did that.

This practice also leaves a lot of room for play. Once you get the basic foundation to a pose you can play around and make it your own. It is even possible to create your own pose by twisting and turning in the silk finding new ways to hang suspended. I understand why everyone is going crazy about aerial yoga- it allows you to be creative, relieve tension and stress, become playful and works on your upper body strength. If you haven’t tried aerial yoga yet I suggest you find a studio near you and try it because I promise you won’t regret it.

What are your favorite methods of staying fit and healthy? Are there any new workout methods you try? Leave your comments below!


Published by V.Leigh Phillips

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