Book Review- One door away from heaven by Dean Koontz

Book Review- One door away from heaven by Dean Koontz

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“When it rains, it pours, and when it pours, the rivers run wild, and suddenly we’re caught up in a flood. But when we’re in a flood, we don’t panic, do we, baby boy? And he always knew the answer to that one: No, we never panic. And she would say, Why don’t we panic in the flood? And he would say, Because we’re too busy swimming!


Michelina Bellsong is on a mission. She is following a missing family to the edge of America…to a place she never knew existed— a place of terror, wonder, and shattering revelation.

What awaits her there will change her life and the life of everyone she know— is she can find the key to survival.

At stake are a young girl of extraordinary goodness, a young boy with killers on his trail, and Micky’s own wounded soul.


I don’t think the blurb does justice to the story. I mean, Micky’s travelling adventure isn’t even one-third of the whole book. It’s about people and how they change for better.

The book follows three different story lines and then at last combines all these three different stories together. This story line of combining three different stories impressed me very much. When the book first starts I was having trouble thinking how could these stories even connect


The main characters include Micky who is a damaged woman because of what happened in her childhood and ignoring her childhood is the only thing she does. But when Leilani comes to her and begins questioning her about all kinds of stuff, Micky slowly realizes that what happened to her was not her fault. But inside Micky is caring and is worried for Leilani.

Leilani is a little girl that starts living in her moto home with her step father and mother. She visits Micky one day and tells her all sorts of things about her weird family. She has a golden soul but is stuck between her neurotic and murderous family.

Though Noah Ferrel, the detective, had less scenes but we know that he is a private investigator and too lazy to solve any more cases when Micky comes to him for helping her to find Leilani. Fortunately, at last he thinks about heling her and he does.

There are many more characters but they are complex living beings on their own so I’ll just mention them: Aunt Geneva, Micky’s aunt who she lives with; a boy who named himself Curtis (I’ll not tell you why he named himself. No spoilers, remember?); Preston Maddoc, Leilani’s mad professor step-dad; Sinsemilla, Leilani’s almost weird and equally mad mother who’s high half the time in the book.

“None of us can ever save himself; we are the instruments of one another’s salvation, and only by the hope that we give to others do we lift ourselves out of the darkness into the light.”


The writing style was something that I LOVED. I could recommend this book because of its writing alone. The words used to describe things were so good that this made me read more from this author. This book is filled with witty references to people and movies and it all blends in. Never I thought that the author was using too much words just to describe a moon behind clouds with lines like: “A thieving cloud pocketed the silver moon”


“Change isn’t easy, Micky. Changing the way you live means changing how you think. Changing how you think means what you believe about life. That’s hard, sweetie. When we make our own misery, we sometimes cling to it even we want so bad to change, because the misery is something we know The misery is comfortable.”


 “It’s also true that sometimes – not often, but once in a great while – your life can change for the better in one moment of grace almost a sort of miracle. Sometimes so powerful can happen, someone so special come along, some precious understanding descend on you so unexpectedly that it just pivots you in a new direction, changes you forever. Girl, I’d give everything I have if that could happen for you.”



  • You’re a fan of great writing style.
  • You like to read a story that is as complex as its characters.


  • If you can’t stand any type of violence
  • You don’t like aliens or reading sci-fi for that matter

“According to my mother, all the truths of life and all the answers to its mysteries are present to be seenand understood in every incident in our lives, in every place regardless of how grand or humble it may be.”

I’d happily give it 5 stars and it will definitely have a place in the top 10 books that I read this year!

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