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Hey guys!
I know it's not Thanksgiving but why wait for a single day in a year when you can be thankful every day!
 I’m going to include a mix of everything I can possibly can think if right now.
🔸Books- How can I not mention books when they are my love! Okay that was pretty dramatic but really I would be stupid to not even include a single book. And I’m clever and I’m not including any specific book because even if the book is not that great, a book is a book man! You can’t just ignore and pretend the bad book never published. I’m being generous and thanking every book present on this Earth including everything that can contain books-tablets, kindles, laptops and mobile and everything!!!

🔸Family– Okay I may not appreciate them all the 365 days of the year but I still know I need my family. They are adorable and caring and always say “Yes” when I again want a new book when I read the recently bought one in 2 day! (Well they don’t really say Yes that easily, I have to beg and bow before them for one more book!!) I was joking about the bowing part! And they always tell me to study, but then they are my family and want whatwhat’s best for me. So I’ll just thank them.

🔸Friends– What can I say about them? Without them I guess I would have been quiet ( I love to talk!) And without them life was not worth living! They are really Great! So I thank them too!

🔸Blog– I started my blog in September last year and I thank god for that I took that decision. You can find the link to my blog here. My life has been so happy since. I literally run to read the posts posted of by all the people and then I write posts and I love this process. I learn so much from all the writings that I read that feel I’m a different person now than the one I was in September. So thank you my blog and all my fellow bloggers and writers!

🔸Internet– What would I do without the internet??! I cannot read posts on WordPress and Mytrendingstories, I can’t look at beautiful book images and I can’t order anything online and I can’t access Goodreads, though I’m very lazy and I really don’t use it that much. So thank you Internet! You made my life.😀

🔸Libraries and Book stores– I know I’m a bookish person when I thank every thing related to books on every level. I thanked whatever has books in the electronic form and now I’ll thank all the libraries and book stores in the world which supply us with love between the pages! (Not literally) And they keep a huge stock of books where I can easily go and sit there for eternity!

🔸Authors– Where will the books come from if not for the authors? I would really thank all the authors, whether they write short stories or novels or any other form of literature. They write something we can hold on to.

🔸Fictional characters– When I’m feeling low and I lock myself in my room, who are those who comfort me? Yes, they are the book characters. And thank god they are created and we can fangirl about them. But I would be more thankful if they become real! But still they are great in every way! So if you find me fangirl-ing about any character please do remember I love them!

🔸The human being who created pizza– That’s a little weird. But if you know how much I love pizza you’ll get it! I eat pizza like I read books! You get it? Books and pizza are eternal and I can never leave them. So I thank that person who had the idea of a bread topped with sauce and lots and lots if cheese!

🔸And you– And how can I forget you? You take time to read what I write and if you read this whole post then I’m super thankful because it was really long! And also I would thank you because I get to read such great posts everyday and I love the feeling! So keep writing and of course reading!

So that’s all!

Have a happy life and remember to be thankful for everything you have in your life right now! 

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Aug 26, 2016, 3:19:21 PM

Thank you so much1

Aug 11, 2016, 4:17:53 PM

Good One...

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