A Refresher On Using Engaging Videos

A Refresher On Using Engaging Videos

Sep 21, 2021, 7:42:30 AM Tech and Science

Many people today across the world are slowly, but steadily shifting the mode of browsing from reading texts to videos. They prefer going to videos to acquire insights and information they need, rather than reading lengthy texts. Video insights help the viewers to understand even complex sets of information in an easier and more engaging fashion than long paragraphs. To make their customer on-boarding process simpler, hence companies should also try to incorporate videos into the process.

Videos can hold the attention of the customers and keep them engaged by showing relevant content in an interesting and interactive manner. When it comes to the on-boarding process for any product, service or platform, you can easily add videos to the already developed self-help documents. While well-organized self-help documents do provide answers to customer queries, by adding an on boarding video to the repository, its impact would be even greater.  

Videos can also be used for customer support today. Usually, when faced with any issue, customers send out an email detailing the issue to the support team. In many cases, it takes multiple email exchanges to get a small issue resolved. This process can eat away a considerable amount of time and productivity. To resolve this issue, videos can be created as an answer to every major, common query the customers may have about your product or service. You can easily create such content and get rendered videos that can be shared with the customers through certain innovative, video making platforms available today.


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