An Insight Into How Interactive Videos Every Stage Of The Sales Funnel

An Insight Into How Interactive Videos Every Stage Of The Sales Funnel

Nov 16, 2021, 10:15:02 AM Entertainment

As soon as a prospect hears about the solutions your brand provides, they are likely to start their journey through your sales funnel. This is a multi-stage process that underlines the interaction of a customer with a brand, starting from initial awareness to the ultimate conversion into a loyal customer. This sales funnel is grouped in multiple stages, including awareness, interest, decision, and action. You need to provide customers with the needed information that encourages them to move further down the funnel and take action. Each customer journey through the funnel is different, as their needs and concerns are varied. Hence, you need proactive marketing tactics and messaging that are able to reach customers in each stage of the funnel. Leveraging interactive marketing videos are among the smartest and most impactful ways to convert leads into customers.

Here is a brief guideline on how interactive videos can be used in every stage of the sales funnel:

  • Awareness: You need to provide the target audience with important information at this stage that will ignite their interest and engage them to learn more about how your product or service can help solve their needs. Interactive videos can meet viewers at the point they want to learn more and respond to their specific needs. This can be done by incorporating buttons or hotspots into videos that link to customer reviews or downloadable files.
  • Interest: This stage will also be a continuation of information collection, and play a role in whether they ultimately decide that they are interested in buying your solutions or not. At this stage, interactive videos can be used to collect information regarding their wants and needs, and the data collected can be integrated into your CRM for future segmentation purposes.
  • Decision: After absorbing relevant information about your offerings and brand, the target audience is likely to dig deeper into the features of your products and ultimately determine if they want to purchase from your company. Using Hotspot videos that links to specific product web pages can be helpful in keeping the leads engaged, while providing them with the information they need.
  • Action: This is the final stage of the customer journey, where they make the final purchasing decision. Having a demo or on boarding video that allows them to understand how exactly they might engage with your solution can be pretty effective here.

By including interactive video elements within your marketing and sales videos, you can get the opportunity to maximize your engagement with the target audience at every point of the sales funnel.

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