How can personalized URLs help modern business organizations

How can personalized URLs help modern business organizations

Aug 30, 2021, 11:14:27 AM Tech and Science

Personalization has become an important aspect of contemporary marketing efforts. Today personalized videos and even personalized smart PDFs are been popularly used to grab the attention of prospective patrons and lead to improved sales activity. Usage of hyper personalized short links or URLs has also become quite common today. These URLs take recipients to their own personalized micro sites, which usually greets the online users by name and feature personalize content based on their stated preferences or information from a database, conduct short surveys, and records visitors' behavior while previously on the brand website. The customer response to these personalized links is typically more positive than conventional marketing campaigns. If implemented correctly, personalized URLs can be a great way to score leads, start conversations, as well as turn marketing into an interactive process.

Good marketing campaigns, however, do not rely on a single channel to accomplish the results. Most of them tend to leverage multiple channels to amplify and reinforce the relevant message. As a result, it is not unusual to see campaigns that utilize direct mail, personalized URLs, email, text messaging, and even social media in a single integrated, branded campaign. Personalized links, along with conversational video messaging can especially help in the development of an impactful marketing campaign. Many brands today use personalized email follow ups as well. However, no matter the channels used, a company needs to present a consistent message and branding to have the maximum impact.

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