SMS API: How to bypass SMS verification for any websites

SMS API: How to bypass SMS verification for any websites

Jan 4, 2022, 9:22:23 AM Tech and Science

First of all to begin bypass phone verification process is to find and get cell phone number to receive an SMS with a verification code. The phone verification via SMS to create online accounts is widespread in popular social media, messengers, applications and e-payment systems. Fortunately, there's a way to bypass phone verification without additional SIMs. Read on to learn about SMS verification and benefits of virtual numbers to receive SMS online. This article will help you receive unlimited SMS messages without SIM cards using an API for wholesale SMS verification and a simple Python library.

What is SMS verification

Websites to bypass phone verification via SMS are extremely popular with the Marketing companies and SMM specialists. The service SMS verification is one of the most popular ways to verification your online accounts in social media and messengers. It is a convenient, cost-effective way to create unlimited online accounts on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram etc. Its main benefit is that it is simple to get up and use. If your verification code does not come, the system will send a new one. The system will send a unique code to your online phone number to verify the identity of the sender for any websites and applications. 

Top Advantage of Phone Verification via SMS Simplicity 

The first advantage of phone verification via SMS is its simplicity. No more SIM-cards, additional phones or email intros. This process also eliminates the need for any additional SIM cards. Businesses that need to communicate their customers will benefit from this service, as the public has become accustomed to receiving text messages in WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook etc. With virtual numbers for SMS you can create unlimited accounts in social media, messengers, apps or e-mails. 

The second benefit is its simplicity. Despite its complexity, SMS verification makes it easy to get the cell phone number and receive text with verification code to confirm page. Easily registration With virtual numbers on SMS-MAN, you can easily register accounts in social networks, messengers, email which takes you just around 1 minute to complete the process. By the way, the numbers are used to bypass SMS verification in many popular services, such as Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. 

The convenient way to verify online account on the internet 

SMS verification via SMS is a convenient way to verify the owner of online account. When the owner of an online page is unknown, SMS verification is a simple way to confirm phone number verification and person. It is also easy to set up and requires no additional hardware or software. You can do not worry, in case of a lost phone, you'll get an online number and receive a new code. Having a history of your SMS messages will help you to ensure that the owner of the mobile phone only you. SMS verification works with a simple mechanism. It is safe to use for this purpose and will not compromise your security. It is a secure way to verify a mobile number. Furthermore, it can be used on smartphones that have an unlisted network. A mobile phone has a unique code that is assigned to it, and an SMS can be a verified phone. This way, you can rest assured that your number will be a genuine one. 

The process of phone verification by SMS also helps mitigate the risks of fraud. By requiring users to provide their mobile phone numbers, this process to identity users with OTP is used for various popular social media or messengers. SMS-MAN can help you reduce the risk of fraud. In addition, it can minimize the costs of buying new SIM card. 

Ultimate security solution on the internet 

Regardless of the industry, phone verification via SMS is the ultimate security solution. Using fake phone numbers as proof of identity can prevent fraud by reducing the risk of a security breach and allows keep anonymity on the internet. As an added benefit, the service is relatively cheap. It can be used to verify the owner of a mobile number, as well as for promote your business in social networks. This feature is becoming more commonplace in today's world, and it is fast becoming the preferred method for SMS verification. 

Low cost virtual phone number for SMS 

The third major advantage of phone verification via SMS is its low cost. In addition to saving time and money, SMS verification allows users to avoid calling companies. This method is also effective and reliable. Rather than a call, users dial a random number and the system checks it against the database. If the verification fails, service calls the number to confirm the authenticity of the number. And when it's successful, the verification message is delivered via SMS. 

How to use API to receive SMS online

This is a lightweight library that works as a connector to Sms-Man public API

Usage examples:

from smsman.smsman import smsman

api_key = ""

client = smsman(api_key)

# Get current balance print(client.get_balance())

# Get information about all services print(client.get_all_services())

# Get information about all countries print(client.get_all_countries())

# Get the number of numbers for the selected country and service print(client.get_limits(country_id=1, application_id=1))

# Buy nеw number request_id, phone_number = client.request_phone_number(country_id=1, application_id=1)

# Recеivе a SMS tо the numbеr sms_code = client.get_sms(request_id)

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