Europe and the beer

Europe and the beer


Europe is a beer connoisseur’s dream. Between the beer festivals, the pubs, the ruinbars, the beer tents, the craft brews, the liter mugs, and the endless supply of Guinness – Europe is by far one of the best places to go for some good ol’ fashion beer.

Are you going to Europe and wanting to be adventurous with your beer? Here is a list – one for one – one of the top beers for each European country.

Things you can do with this list:

  • Make a 3 month “Beers Around Europe” trip and hit as many breweries as possible.
  • Try to pronounce all of these beers.
  • Go to the country, drink the beer, then try and pronounce the beer.
  • Meet the brew masters for the local brew.
  • Go to some of the remote locations on this list to try it in the town.
  • Use it as a tool for your travels around Europe.

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