"Five Themes Pretty" decoding equation of bond contributed by Delhi based Theme Weavers Design

"Five Themes Pretty" decoding equation of bond contributed by Delhi based Theme Weavers Design

You would not have imagined your hobby turning into creative installations and the simple inspiration from surroundings getting crafted into beautiful creations. 


With Theme Weavers you bring all these into Reality! A super passionate team driven by inspirations who design to weave your occasion into a whimsical enchantment.

We would love to share these unique Five Themes curated by Theme Weavers for the special occasions and we decode them with interesting equations and ideologies.


The Butterfly Garden - We got the main inspiration for this theme from the venue itself- Park Hyatt, Goa. Not only did the venue have a widespread of beautiful lawns, it also had a magical forest, with lush green grass beneath and a canopy of dense trees housing beautiful butterflies. We envisioned that a rich color, like a royal purple, would ideally be the best suited for the place with the central theme inspired from a butterfly in the shades of white & silver.

WEDeCode #1 - They say when in love, you get butterflies in your stomach





The Crochet Knot - Crochet, according to Theme Weavers is a very personal attribute, we all have been a part of in one way or the other. Right from the hand woven sweaters, to the table covers and beautiful crochet laced umbrellas, we have encountered the experience of the beautiful crochet. One such experience was witnessed by Annushree, Director at Theme Weavers Designs, who was inspired to do a crochet themed set design when one evening she saw her mother weaving a scarf.

WEDeCode #2 - The French word “crochet”, means hook and when we weave the threads to form desirable creation is like the two individuals hook to a divine knot creating a magical bond





The Chess Affair - The royalty in the elements of the game of chess drew our attention to incorporate in a larger than life wedding. Having realised that a chess game does have elements of a wedding, like a horses & elephants. The association of the king and queen of the chess board is definitely relatable to the bride and groom. The Indian weddings are thus a mirror of the royal chess game.

WEDeCode #3 - For you have captured thy heart you have won Check Mate of thy Life





The Love Birds - As the theme quest descriptively suggests, love birds was one of the most apt themes when we interacted with the bride & groom. The parents had briefly described them as “Tota & Maina” once, and after meeting them, we also concluded that they were the perfect “Love Birds”, meant to be for each other. Thus, we got the theme out which could also reflect the couple perfectly.

WEDeCode #4 - Made for each other and a spirit of an open affection are traits of Love Birds


The Kites of Joy - Introducing a slight fun theme to our Sangeet set-up, the Kite theme was developed keeping in mind the celebration and the festivity involved during the unison of two people. The bright colors, and the simplicity in the element was included in the décor as well. As TWD believes to convert a dream into a theme, we wanted the dream of the couple to fly high just like the soaring high of the kites.

WEDeCode #5 - The happiness in choosing the favorite color kite to flying up in the sky is like a joy in celebrating new beginnings with adding new colors to life




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