“The Common in The Uncommon Big Fat Celebrations” contributed by Sakshi Jerath

“The Common in The Uncommon Big Fat Celebrations” contributed by Sakshi Jerath

Aug 11, 2016, 5:43:52 PM Entertainment


For the celebrations to have that "unique", we list down the conventional elements and the alternates that can be used for Big Fat Celebrations.


Here are the recommendations contributed by Mumbai based wedding designer Sakshi Jerath for the commons we find for the gala affairs.






Triangle and Flat structure marquees are generally used with a fixed layout.

Sakshi tell us that if you are done with these and need a different layout; you have an option to choose ROUND Marquees. It gives better elevation and is symmetric from all sides. (you also get variety layouts)




Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 1.08.06 pm






Substituting these with other flowers may not be a great idea! With few alterations in designs as per themes they can be used in different ways... yet floral REPEAT!

"For few functions, choose Greens", says Sakshi. There are different types of Palm leaves that can give a break to the monotonous use of flowers. With the greens; larger than life installations and tall centrepieces can be created with lot of ease bringing a classy chic look (and .... somewhere relieving your pockets too)




Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 1.08.06 pm




Carpet Carpet Everywhere! Yes it is the most feasible option which still holds its space.

Sakshi tells us there are many variety in carpet that comes and is definitely the most economical option for commercial use. Adding projection on carpet can bring in some change. Also, there is reflective flooring available that can be used for special walkway, performance area or for defining a particular passage. It's finishing gives a sheen luxe effect. (shoots budget... hence choose to define special areas, it does wonders!)




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Chiavari Ballroom chairs are now ordinary and can be seen in every celebration. It's known for the fancy backs that can be done otherwise its over used.

"Totally agree", accepts Sakshi. She recommends precisely three options that can enrich the look and feel - First, acrylic chairs or the transparent chairs that looks amazing and they can be done up in many ways; Second, chairs with upholstery having fine prints; and Third, leatherette chairs that look extravagantly classy. (a little change is always good)




Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 1.08.06 pm



Can we avoid fabric please! Its a cliche ballroom table just adding up to the styling and variety fabric.

"Ofcourse! Much better options", says Sakshi. Strike off covering entire table with linen instead its more beautiful to cover the bottom by fixing linen on the borders. Even simple hand painted wooden tables look real cool and if we need some fine dine tables, nothing beats the mirror ones.(its rustic and vintage)

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 1.08.06 pm
credits: many thanks to sakshi jerath for her recommendations
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