"The Vineyard Weddings" by the wedding designer Abhilasha Lonari in India

"The Vineyard Weddings" by the wedding designer Abhilasha Lonari in India

Sep 26, 2016, 4:49:31 PM Life and Styles

Abhilasha has a fine understanding on creating Majestic Weddings! For the very first time Abhilasha Lonari opens up to the world and talks about the weddings she has created in this exclusive Monday feature.


WT: Can you tell us about the vineyards where you do these majestic extravagant weddings?

AL: We have been promoting Nashik as a destination for weddings for there are various beautiful and enchanting vineyards – an attraction beyond Nashik. One of which is Soma Vine Village!


WT: How much area does this property cover? And suited accommodation?

AL: It’s a humungous 25 acre property which boasts of different  sub locations that are fit for hosting a gala wedding affair. Along with lavish vineyards, Soma also has a luxurious resort with an accommodation capacity of 49 rooms, that have a personality and style, well above ordinary! 
Moreover, the luxury pool villas in the property adds splendid. They’re designed and built in traditional contemporary style and are simply PERFECT for a lavish private pool party in the wedding with the privacy of your own secluded garden.


WT: Which are the primary locations in the property?

AL: The property has something for every age group + The grandeur, diversity, exclusive hideaways and the sheer massiveness of this venue makes it the right fit for weddings!

An amphitheatre nested in the beautiful vineyards is the perfect setting for any occasion – Wedding and Pre-wedding photoshoots, cocktail parties, Wedding Reception, the list goes on.

There is spa in the resort as well - To pamper the guests at the wedding after a hung-over cocktail party!

For private indoor functions, I would suggest the White Room and Madeira, they have glass windows overlooking the vineyards and the backwaters of Gangapur dam.

There is an adventure park in the property too, which will get the adrenaline pumping with its rock-climbing, gokarting, zipline, high rope & low rope activities and much more.


WT: Are you on board with them?

AL: Yes I’m onboard with them. But I don’t work exclusively only with them when it comes to vineyard weddings. I work with other vineyards(like Sula, etc) and non-vineyard destinations too, both in and outside Nashik.


WT: Tell us about the latest weddings done by Abhilasha Lonari. What was the theme and what were the unique elements created?

a) One of them revolved around the theme ‘ Mystic White’. As the theme suggests, I stuck to white florals (lilies, orchids, white roses, carnations, etc) when it came to décor. However, I like to use a lot of other elements in décor along with florals. In this one, there were a plethora of things that we did! The reception was in an amphitheatre of Sula Vineyard.

  • At the centre, we had the stage and, in this one, the unique backdrop of white drapes and real withered leafless trees painted in white was one of the many highlights.
  • The entire seating in the amphitheatre consisted of white sofas with purple and dark pink cushions for the guests, while in the dining section we had chairs with white covers and bows.
  •  A structure of a peacock was also created of white lilies at the entrance.
  • Scented candles in tinted glass stands twinkled at night.
  • Silver Bells, white lace umbrellas, white lace lamp shades, earthen and spherical glass lamp shades,  long cylindrical glass vases and white coloured cages for birds were some other interesting elements that I used for the décor.
  • At the photo booth, we had a double bicycle along with the other placards and props that became an instant hit!

b) Another wedding had the theme of ‘Madhuban’. Here the theme dictated a very traditional Indian and cultural décor. Ram-Sita were our inspiration, when it came to the décor, for this wedding.

c) One of the weddings was around the theme of ‘Chandeliers’. Here like the name of the theme suggests, the décor largely consisted of various grand chandeliers and elements that had glass and crystal finish. Regal, royal and majestic - this describes the entire wedding!


WT: Where are you based? Where do you generally operate from?

AL: I’m primarily based out of Nashik, however I have an office in Mumbai too. And I function at a pan-India & International basis.


WT: Which other cities have you catered your services till date?

AL: For now we have done weddings in Mumbai, Nashik, Goa, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Aurangabad, Rajkot and Ahmedabad.


WT: How long have you been in this business? And what’s unique with Abhilasha Lonari?

AL: Anything and everything begins with delivering creative designs and I have been in this business for 13 years now. When it comes to wedding décor, for me it’s not about using fancy and elaborate elements. Rather, I go for more unconventional and unique, but simple elements, which I transform as per the theme into something completely extravagant. That’s where my real creativity lies!


WT: Tell us about Abhilasha Lonari?

AL: I’m a theme-based Wedding Designer. Weddings happen once in a lifetime, and as a designer, in my opinion, the onus to make that wedding truly memorable and beautiful lies on me. So, to my clients I suggest PERFECT WEDDING ASPECTS, be it the venue, wedding décor, gifts, gift packaging, trousseau packaging, invitation cards, pre-wedding shoot, wedding photography and videography, mehendi and makeup artists, wedding performers – singers, dancers, celebrities,  etc.

Also, Understanding clients and their expectations is hygiene, I believe. That, has to be spot on. As, at the end of the day, it’s about bringing a smile on their face and leaving a lasting impression about me and my work.



Reach Abhilasha on https://www.facebook.com/weddingsbyabhilashalonari




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