WED Tease Exclusive with Q Events – the “veteran” wedding designers of India

WED Tease Exclusive with Q Events – the “veteran” wedding designers of India

Sep 19, 2016, 11:12:48 PM News

With the vast experience comes past learnings and with wedding designing; each wedding brings a new learning with a new experience.


Geeta Samuel & Rituraj Khanna are the most loved in the wedding industry who rule the country with top notch clientele. They believe in sharing opportunities with others and boosting the new professionals who once they mentored. The brother sister duo are known for the immense work they do from weddings to special occasions crafting exciting themes; elite decor hence bringing a memorable time for their clients.


Let us share the commitments and experiences of a wedding designer that comes from the experts themselves.



WT: We heard clients eye close takes the recommendations of Q Events for their special occasion. This is truly amazing! Do you get instincts?

RRK : Asking if we get instincts is like asking us if we get lucky with customer’s requisites and expectations. Answering you, we do – in a sense of the term. Just like Luck is when preparation meets opportunity; our instincts are accredited to a collective set of factors such as our varied experience (of venues, themes, destinations and clients) and thorough exposure, mixed with unparalleled commitment and diligence of every one on our team at every stage, and served to the clients with the unheard levels of passionate dedication.


WT: Has there ever been a time when you ideated some element but it turned out into something different yet was the talk of the wedding?

RRK : Let me assure you, where we are today is not a series of accidents. It is a road less travelled! We didn’t get lucky and win the lottery, we’ve worked our way to the top and earned our name in the industry.

No, we don’t have the margin for silly mistakes. Yes, we portray concepts, ideas & plans all the time; and we are transparent enough to not only realise but also communicate these & implement improvements as we progress – this is known as constant evolution. No one’s perfect and so we are never ashamed to admit there is always a room for improvement!

Talk of the wedding, talk of the town, talk of the industry… These, are merely our standards of success. And success is a journey, a long and winding road, never a destination. You too could get used to it you know!


WT: You are known to create themes on the well known cities of the world for instance we saw Paris and Santorini recently. Can you share your experience as to what excites client to choose these themes?

RRK: Each of our delivered projects are masterpieces, the outcome of extensive homework, a great level of detail and the hallmark of creativity. Hence, while anyone can fly to a destination, it is a unique and memorable experience to share on a special occasion – our destination projects, because they speak for themselves; like a car from Rolls Royce, or a watch from Chopard, or even are like a pair of shoes from Jimmy Choo.


WT: To each one, there has always been a challenge. Can you share your challenging wedding? And Why? 

RRK : We hold our projects very close to our heart, like a mother embraces her child, so attempting to answer your question is like a mothers attempt to pick her favourite child. Each experience for us has been totally unique, eternally memorable and ever rewarding. There are always challenges; and we love challenges; and that is our way of life here at Q.


WT: While on site, do you get into improvising details of some elements further? Which are these elements which comes as a concern to any designer?

RRK : We are never shy to improvise, whether it improves the experience or is better value for the customer. Hence we improvise on the go, and with full confidence of the customer that they would always get more than they were promised. And that our customers pride is our bread and butter.


WT:  What are the critical aspects related to the venue that any designer faces?

RRK : Venue or any other; a concept to a delivery is like living the dream. And just like many dream yet few realise theirs; it is critical for us to deliver what or more than we promised. While this all does not automatically fall into place like Lego or Tetris, it is achieved by thorough homework, a great attention of detail, the best of craftsmanship and passionate commitment.


WT: Any incidence while experimenting with your creations?

RRK: No Never. We don’t experiment at the cost of our client money and dreams.


WT: Can you share few tips for newbies in this profession? DO’s and Dont’s ?

RRK: Be passionate; Don’t put yourself before your client; Be original; Don’t go with the flow; Be unique; Be honest - follow these simple rules and you are through!



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