The best photobooth ideas for your wedding

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The best photobooth ideas for your wedding

Jun 28, 2021, 1:30:33 PM Life and Styles

Of course you want to capture your wedding with a beautiful photo report composed by a wedding photographer. But of course it is also very nice to take a picture with all your guests at the wedding. This of course produces unforgettable images. Especially if you are just a little more creative.

We are a prominent wedding planner in Udaipur that helps you in wedding photography & videography. We have listed the best photo ideas for your wedding that will help you to choose the best one for you.

Branded photo booth

You have probably heard of the word photobooth. This is a photo booth where you stand with others or alone and then take funny pictures. The advantage of the photobooth is that the photos are printed immediately. You can completely personalize the branded photobooth. You decide what's in the background of the photo and what's on the printed photos. With the photobooth, the memories of your wedding will remain forever. Your guests will love the photobooth! Taking photos in the photobooth is very simple. Step into the booth, press start and go all out. After the photos are taken, they will be printed on the side of the booth. Did you miss some photos? Then that's no problem. You will also receive the photos digitally.

Photo column

Would you like a photo booth at your wedding, but don't want the booth to take up too much space? Then a photo column is the ideal solution. This column is the eye-catcher for your wedding. The affordable photo booth has all the functionalities that a normal photo booth also has. You stand in front of the column and the photo is taken. So very easy. With the super-fast print time of eight seconds, all your guests can enjoy the photo kiosk. Evenses supplies the photo column ready to use, including 300 photo prints and a beautiful photo frame.

Classic photo booth

The classic photo booth is the perfect addition to your wedding. The striking photos are a super nice memory of your wedding day. The photo booth also provides even more atmosphere and entertainment at your party. The fun accessories such as mustaches, glasses and hats make the photos even funnier and more festive. Three to four pictures are taken at a time. There is a short break between photos so you can change your pose or change your clothes. Afterwards the photos are printed in one piece.

Photo trailer

Have you planned the outdoor wedding? Evenses offers a nice alternative then. The photo trailer creates striking, fun photos of your party. The trailer not only provides unique photos, but also a lot of entertainment. All your guests will enjoy this. With just the push of a button, the photo trailer takes super fun photos. With a personal photo frame you make the photos even more personal. It's really nice that everyone can watch what happens in the photo trailer via a live view. This makes for hilarious moments.

photo buzz

Are you a fan of Volkswagen vans? Or are you organizing a wedding party in the open air? With the photo buzz you give your party a special look. This is a photo booth in the well-known Volkswagen van. Not only the photo booth attracts attention, but also the model of the van. This is a Volkswagen van from 1971. The back seat of the bus is furnished as a professional photo booth. For example, the van contains a suitcase full of original attributes to make funny, unforgettable photos. After the photo opportunity, the photos come out the back of the bus. The photos can also be shared directly on social media.

Magic Photo Mirror

The photo mirror will bring hilarity and magic to your wedding. A mirror takes pictures of the guests while they are busy taking the funniest or craziest poses. With the supplied attributes, such as cheerful colored glasses, large hats and fake mustaches, you can take even funnier photos. After pressing the mirror, it starts counting down and a photo is taken. With the magical photo mirror, the guests will enjoy themselves and they also have a nice memento of your wedding.

Polaroid photographer

The Polaroid cameras are back again. This gives your wedding a trendy touch. Hire a Polaroid photographer who will take several photos of your guests. Evenses' professional polaroid photographers walk around your wedding with the polaroid camera and take original photos of all guests. Everyone has a nice memory of your wedding. Moreover, it is possible to send the photos digitally. This way you can select the nicest Polaroids and hang them up in the house.

Photographer from the past

The photographer from the past creates a nostalgic memento of your wedding. This nostalgic party photographer still works with a hundred-year-old procedure. His camera is over eighty years old and with it he produces his photos just as fast as digital copies. The flash sound that this camera gives will leave an impression on all your guests. This flash is created by an ingenious ignition mechanism that ignites a magnesium mixture with a thunderous bang. This is bound to cause some funny startle reactions. Even though the photographer works with an old camera, the quality of the photos is very good. Your guests will love it.

Video guest diary

In addition to photos, videos also provide a nice keepsake. The video column is an original variant of the guestbook. Here your guests can leave a nice message for you. They can do this when it suits them. The message is therefore always spontaneous and everything is possible: a funny anecdote, a nice song or a personal congratulation. The messages are stored in the video kiosk and are delivered digitally.

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