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I'm Wendy, the smarty-pants mom of two boys--my 10-year-old sweet, old soul and my 12-year-old keeps-things-close-to-the-vest recently diagnosed with muscular dystrophy.  My husband is a terrific guy, and I do know I'm a lucky girl, though outnumbered by Y-chromosome carriers in our household 3-1.  I am a school-based speech-language pathologist working in the big city for a quarter century.  Music saves my life every single day, and I live for the band Barenaked Ladies.  I have the world's worst visual-motor integration skills which means I have to rely on my wit and a keyboard for any outward expression of creativity.


I began blogging in January, 2015 as a mechanism to save my sanity after learning our son had MD, though the jury's still out on its effectiveness toward that end.  I don't write so much about our family's "journey" with this disease though; I'll never write about a journey of any type not involving actual transit--not a fan of the term journey as it relates to personal revelation with illness or disease.  Any journey with MD is a one-way ticket to a place I don't even want to know exists.  I do write about being a parent, but you have to know that I'm quick to take a detour or two.  Or six.  And I have a potty mouth.  I'm funny sometimes, but I acknowledge that I'm nowhere near as funny as I think I am.  I'm an easy crowd that way.


Greater than gravity is a lyric from my favorite song, and it inspired the title of my personal blog.  It comes close, but not quite sufficient, to communicating the depth of love I feel for my family.  Read all about us at https://greaterthangravity.wordpress.com

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