5 types of ties you should have for different occasions


5 types of ties you should have for different occasions

Mar 25, 2018, 1:34:02 AM Life and Styles

Every gentleman ought to be smart for every occasion. Tailored dress shirts online and wearing a tie is a smart way to complete your outfit.. Contrary to a common misconception that ties are reserved for formal occasions, they can be worn with casual outfits. Here we have 5 types of ties that can match most common occasions, be sure to find yours.

  • Neck Tie

This is the most common tie. The tie is worn for business related and formal events. If your work in a formal office that requires you to be in a suit every day, a necktie is what you should look for. Neckties are available in different textures, colours and widths. Choosing the right colour, width and texture should be based on the shirt or coat you intend to wear.

  • Skinny/slim ties

With the growing culture of sharp fitted suits and throw back trendy Mod fashion the slim ties popularity is going from Strength to strength. These Thin 5.5 cm width ties blend perfectly with small collar shirts. Choose from a combination of textures, woven silk, wool, knitted silk or hard wearing polyester, whatever you select you will look modern and trendy

  • Bow ties

The most appropriate style for a bowtie is tuxedo. Previously, bowties have been known to be worn for weddings and parties. However, in every black and white themed event, a bowtie is a must do. A coloured bowtie in a slim fitting suit can also do well for your official outlook. A polka dotted bowtie should be worn if the colours match with the suit. Selecting a bowtie for your event should depend on the event theme. Contrary to the belief, bow-ties can also be worn for everyday occasion e.g. work, social, and casual due to their colourful patterns.

  • Cravat

Your wedding day is a special day and it demands a special look, so you will definitely stand out with a preformed knot cravat, these cravats are better suited when worn on shirts with wing collars or with small collars and are complimented with matching hanky and waistcoat.

They are also worn at formal evening events with the smartest of suits to give the finishing touches that just ooze class and sophistication.

  • Ascot Cravats

Ascot-cravats are enhancements of the ordinary cravats. Initially, ascot-cravats were bundles of silk in a double knot and held by a small pin. With time, ascot-cravats have developed are knit into various designs. You may consider wearing an ascot-cravat to beef up a tuxedo. If it is on a hot day and a neck or bow tie would make you feel warmer, an ascot is a good way to go. Opening your shirt buttons to allow some flesh air around your chest is a good way to cool your body. Consider, wearing a polka dot or classic paisley Ascot cravat for that smart casual look.

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