8 Tips to Invoice Your Freelance Clients Professionally

Invoice Your Freelance Clients Professionally

8 Tips to Invoice Your Freelance Clients Professionally

Many novice freelancers think that they only need a bit of knowledge and artistic talent to lead their freelance business. However, invoicing is another very important factor. Invoicing has become a real nightmare for both freelancers and clients, and receiving money on time is extremely important.

What if we told you that excellently managed invoicing can keep your business on the rails? Here are some tips on how to invoice your freelance clients the right way.

10 Tips to Invoice Your Freelance Clients Professionally

  • Have Clear Policies and Stick to Them

Your clients probably won’t enjoy being stung with a sudden bill. Be sure to let them know about your policies and stick to it. If you make any changes to the policies, you should always let your clients know in advance.

This is a great way of earning some trust, as well as creates a special bond between you two. Everything should always be crystal-clear!

  • Be Flexible

Flexibility is a virtue of the freelance world. That being said, you can always offer your clients flexible payment options to make things easier.

This will not only make the payments easier but faster. And on top of that, you let your clients choose their preferred payment methods, such as ACH, EFT or even cryptocurrencies.

  • Rely on Invoicing Software

Relying on invoicing software is one of the best things you can do to improve your invoicing. There are hundreds of software out there, with Quikflw being our recommendation. This software will let you craft highly-convincing invoices that look professional and elegant. And all at a very affordable price.

  • Include Common Paying Methods

Don’t just stick to a single payment method. Some clients may not be comfortable using a method that you like and vice versa.

The internet allows for some very good payment methods such as PayPal, WesternUnion, MoneyBookers, Payoneer and much more. You should always be flexible in this regard.

  • Provide your Contact Details

Don’t just go out there in incognito mode. Instead, be sure to provide your client with all the necessary information about yourself. This information includes your full name, telephone number, email, address and additional info.

This way, you will gain trust more easily and it’s also more convenient for your client to pay you.

  • Send Some Reminders

Sending a reminder isn't considered harassing. This is only a friendly reminder that helps your client know when the due date is approaching.

A great way to send a reminder is by using a cloud-based invoicing software. This software will let you send a friendly reminder or an update on the due date.

  • Make your Clients Feel Valued

Keep your clients happy by making them feel valued. Be sure to use your manners in your invoices such as “thank you” or “please”. Always give your clients adequate personal attention. You could even go the extra mile with a nice handwritten note.

  • Stay Professional and Calm

If your client misses the due date, it’s nothing to worry about. Never lose your poise or become angry. You must understand that clients have a hard time catching up with all the payments and the contractors they work with. Always be polite when following up.

  • Conclusion

Now that you know how to professionally invoice your freelance clients, it shouldn’t be too complicated to improve your invoicing system. Just remember to respond promptly to any enquiries or problems raised by your clients as well.

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