Best Places to Meet New People (That Isn't the Bar)

If you're sick of going to the same bars and clubs to meet p

Best Places to Meet New People (That Isn't the Bar)

If you're sick of going to the same bars and clubs to meet people, and finding that you just can't make the same connection with someone at these venues than if you were in a setting where you have more chances to talk, then this list is for you. We've listed some of our favorite places to meet people, that aren't the bar.

1. Coffee shops

If you like drinking coffee more than beer, then coffee shops are a great way to meet people. There are dozens in every town, which means you can find a coffee shop that matches your style. As a very neutral place, this is an ideal venue to talk to people, without them having their guard up like they would on a night out. An easy way to start talking is to simply ask about the coffee, and then go from there.

2. Grocery shops

You probably go to the shops to buy food at least once a week, but do you ever think about talking to people there? Unlike the bar where people only go if they like loud music and drinking, everyone needs to buy food, which means you can meet a much wider variety of people. The best time to start a conversation is at the checkout while you're paying for your food. But then, you can also get some playful banter going by the food hall.  

3. On the bus

Again, you'll probably get public transport at least every now and again, if not every day. You usually wouldn't think of talking to people, but this is actually a great chance to meet people. If you're going to be on a bud for an hour, why not spend it talking to someone you like the look of?

4. Galleries and museums

This is a great option if you love culture and art, and means you can do something you enjoy while also meeting new people. You're also more likely to find someone with similar interests to you compared to the bar, which is an excellent place to start if you want a long-term relationship, rather than a hook-up. Have a look for events your favorite galleries are putting on. These will probably have food and drinks and are more social than when visiting just through the day time.   

5. Online dating

If you don't want to meet people at bars or clubs, but don't have time for some of the more common suggestions on this list, online dating is a great alternative to meet women online. Some of the most popular dating apps include Tinder and Bumble, and let you meet people online between sets at the gym or on your break at work. Lots of people use online dating, not just for casual relationships, but also for more serious ones. If you have a particular interest, see if there's an app for that, too, as there are a lot of specialist websites for meeting people with common interests. You might want to also  try sites like Chatki, an Omegle alternative, which opens up a whole world of possibilities. Such sites enable you to make friends online, find a date, or even meet the love of your life. However, it's important to relax and try not to rush anything. Even if things don't work out romantically, you might still enjoy having a laid back, cam to cam conversation with someone new.  

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