Change For The Better: Life Changing Reasons to Go to Drug Rehab Today

Change For The Better

Change For The Better: Life Changing Reasons to Go to Drug Rehab Today

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), in 2015 21.7 million people aged 12 or older needed substance abuse treatment. 2.3 million sought treatment at a specialty facility that year.

18.4 million or over 95% of those classified as needing treatment opted not to seek treatment. They chose to forgo help because they didn't think they needed it.

Unfortunately, drug rehab still has a stigma attached to it. Which is a shame because so many relationships and lives are destroyed as a direct result of addiction.

And there are myriad benefits of drug treatment. If you've been debating whether or not to go to rehab for drugs addiction, keep reading. We're sharing with you the reasons you can't afford not to go to drug rehabilitation.

Drug Rehab Provides a Stable Environment

Rehab for drug users is often an essential part of the treatment plan. In your own environment, there are many stressors and triggers that can make getting and staying off substances incredibly difficult.

At a drug rehabilitation center, those triggers don't exist. Instead, it's a safe and stable environment that helps people de-stress and focus on themselves and their issues.

It's a place where you can identify and deal with problems so you don't end up triggered by them when you do return to your regular life.

You Go Through a Complete Drug Detox While Monitored by Doctors

Detoxing is not something anyone should take lightly. Depending on what substances you're taking and how long, the detoxification process isn't safe to go through without medical supervision.

If you also suffer from other physical and/or mental health problems, detoxing can make things worse before they get better. And often, physicians can provide medications to help the detoxing process safer and easier.

With proper supervision, you can detox more rapidly than you can on your own. Learn more about what a rapid detox center can do for you here.

There Are Options

It's a mistake to assume that a drug rehab facility only offers one type of program. There are myriad therapy options available at inpatient drug rehab facilities.

While many do offer one-on-one therapy sessions, many also offer choices such as massage, pilates, yoga, meditation, and even nutrition courses. All of these options are designed to help you lower your stress so you can focus on dealing with your addiction(s).

A Chance to Build Healthier Habits

If you keep doing the same thing over and over again, expect the same results. Nothing changes until you find healthier habits to adopt into your life.

It's not uncommon for those struggling with drug and alcohol abuse to have bad discipline and self-care habits. Part of recovery is setting and accomplishing goals.

Learning how to set and accomplish achievable goals is a huge part of the program. Changing your mindset helps you gain self-confidence which helps you to keep trying even if you experience a setback or two rather than giving up entirely.

Rehab helps you set both short and long-term goals in all areas of your life so you build a happier, healthier life.

Establishing Healthy Boundaries

It's typical for those fighting a substance issue to avoid taking responsibility for their lives and behavior. Meanwhile, their family and friends tend to take on too much of the responsibility.

It becomes a toxic cycle for everyone involved.

In relationships with poorly defined boundaries, a survival mentality emerges where family members take on different roles to help cope with the stress. But instead of completely diffusing the situation for the better, these roles tend to increase confusion and anxiety.

That's because the underlying issue, which is substance abuse, never gets directly dealt with. Rehab helps by showing you exactly where these boundaries get messed up while showing you tools and strategies to help you get and keep healthy relationships.

Peer Support

One of the benefits of drug treatment is you meet people who are all working towards the same goal. They all want help for their addictions.

Surrounding yourself with people going through the same process helps you realize you are not alone. You also meet people from all walks of life and have the ability to make lifelong friendships. This is also why many people browse through top fitness blogs and communities.

Having someone else to share your feelings with and to offer and receive support from them is tremendously helpful to your recovery.

Constant Support and Supervision From the Staff

When you're trying to wean yourself off of a drug and/or alcohol addiction, you never know when you'll need help and support.

A drug rehabilitation facility offers support 24/7. With round-the-clock support, it's easy to reach out for help whenever you need it.

Mental withdrawal can often be the toughest part of the process. Having constant supervision helps.

They can keep a watchful eye out for you at all times to ensure you do not cause harm to yourself or others while recovering.

Learn and Identify Your Issues

There are reasons people abuse substances. If you truly want to stop abusing drugs and alcohol, part of the process requires you to gain insight into why you were drawn to using substances in the first place.

Whether you use to cope with stress, numb you emotionally or you're avoiding responsibilities, identifying your reasons why helps you peel back the myriad layers to understand what's truly behind your drug habit(s).

The licensed counselors you meet at a drug rehab are trained to help you dig into your issues so you confront them once and for all. They will also teach you new coping skills and tools so you don't feel using and abusing drugs and alcohol is your only choice.


Treatment doesn't stop just because you're no longer at a treatment center. While at the drug rehab, the center begins to prepare you so you can make an easy transition back home without relying on drugs and/or alcohol.

Aftercare helps prevent relapses and provides much-needed care and support for those most vulnerable to returning to their old, destructive habits.

Keep Learning

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