Rebuilding After The Storm. Here's Why You Should Consider Investing In The Puero Rico Real Estate Market.

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Rebuilding After The Storm. Here's Why You Should Consider Investing In The Puero Rico Real Estate Market.

When you think about real estate, you may not think Puerto Rico. Nevertheless, it could prove to be a very lucrative market.

At the moment, there are many different factors at play that are shaping Puerto Rico real estate markets.

What are these factors, though, and what kind of effect are they having? We'll talk about all of that and more.

1. Hurricane Maria

In September of 2017, a devastating hurricane struck the island of Puerto Rico. Though no definitive record exists, we know that deaths number somewhere in the low thousands.

The estimates range, but some have placed it as high as 5,000. Unfortunately, the alarming death toll is only the beginning.

The hurricane destroyed tens of thousands of homes and damaged nearly half a million. The government of Puerto Rico has requested nearly $100 billion dollars in relief, but so far only a fraction of that has been granted.

Others, many of them college students, have left Puerto Rico in hopes of setting down roots in the US mainland.

All of this has resulted in a buyers' market that has swept through all of Puerto Rico. Real estate companies have noticed, and are pouncing on the opportunity.

One such company is StrongEdge Realty.

2. Tax Breaks

Something everybody loves is a tax break, and Puerto Rico is a great place to find them. The good news is that many of these breaks are not related to Hurricane Maria, so you're not necessarily profiting from tragedy.

The biggest reason for the tax incentives is that Puerto Rico, being a territory, is technically part of the United States. Running any kind of business that operates between the mainland and Puerto Rico brings jobs, money, and goods back to the United States.

3. Attractions

With its tropical weather and island setting, Puerto Rico has become a popular vacation spot. The hurricanes of recent years have taken a toll on the region's tourism industry.

The attractions are far from gone, though, and investing in them is now cheaper than ever. Since cheaper prices tend to attract more customers Puerto Rico is bringing in money for recovery from the same source that damaged it.

While in Puerto Rico, you'll find several opportunities to help it get back on its feet. If even a small percentage of vacationers lend a hand, re-building will be that much faster.

This is good news for you because you might need some help translating in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Real Estate

Puerto Rico may have been damaged by Hurricane Maria, but people are determined to restore it. Help may come from an industry that is burgeoning at the moment. Puerto Rico real estate is thriving due to the drop in prices caused by the hurricane.

If that's not enough, Puerto Rico offers tax breaks to entrepreneurs who build businesses there. This brings more money into Puerto Rico and the mainland US, strengthening the economy.

If houses are not your strong suit, there's always tourism. Tourism in Puerto Rico is slowly recovering, but more help would be appreciated. This also brings more money into Puerto Rico and helps to strengthen the economy.

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