What You Need to do Before the Wedding

before wedding

One of the almost indispensable parts of the wedding if you are a religious person is the church. However, when it comes to weddings, nobody can literally give you any advice about getting married in a church. Of course, the priests will tell you when to enter, what to buy, whether there is a fee, but we are not talking about it. We are talking about everything that can go wrong, but it does not have to.

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Watch for the cake and wine

If you wear a dress of a princess, while holding a candle, be extremely careful not to drop wax on the dress, as it can happen to anyone, so you will have to pay for damages if the dress is rented, but also to spend the rest of the wedding wearing a dress with wax. You can wrap the candle in something, and prevent from ruining your day.


Go to the church one day before the wedding

It is an ideal opportunity to try the crown, arrange the sitting and standing places (depending on how big or small the church is), but you also see what the situation is in the church. Even if that is the church of your childhood, you still need to visit it before the wedding because they make renovations all the time. Make sure that everything goes according to your plans.

Talk with the chorus

It is not only important to have a beautiful chorus, made up of talented, good people - but they need to be wearing special gowns or all of them must be dressed in the same (appropriate) color. If your guests are dressed in formal gowns and suits, they must be dressed properly too. If you are not in a position to buy them new gowns, you can at least ask them to wear suits or to wear shirts in matching colors for example black or white.


It is not fair that there are some churches around the world that have hundreds of taxes that are not at all small and this does not include candles. If you are paying for the service, you have all the right to ask about the chorus and the priest and think carefully about the church. It is not only important to get married in a beautiful church, it is important to have a priest and chorus that you will really like. Before making the final decision about the church, you can always ask friends and family to give you advice about the church or the decorations. You can hire florists who can decorate the church and the places where the guests will sit while the priest marries you.

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