Your Old Mattress May Be Ruining Your Health

fully aware of the importance of sleep

Your Old Mattress May Be Ruining Your Health

Many people are not fully aware of the importance of sleep. A good night’s rest is crucial to our health and well-being. Unfortunately, many people in the United States crave sleep. Just as you wouldn’t run a marathon without the right sneakers and gear, you can’t expect to get enough quality rest if your bedroom is not properly prepared. Although we spend one third of our lives asleep, most of us have an old and uncomfortable mattress.

You should be aware that the quality of your rest depends on the quality of mattresses. Although many people are aware of this, most of them don’t do anything to improve their sleeping surfaces. You shouldn’t let your lack of interest in purchasing a new model get the best of you. In case you sleep on an old mattress, or on one that doesn’t fit your needs, you should know that it can damage your health. Some of the most common consequences that you can expect to face include back pain, allergies, and even weight gain. Here is how an improper sleeping surface can affect your health:

It Can Trigger Your Allergies

Old mattresses are usually filled with dust mites and bed bugs, especially if they are not taken care of properly. Many Americans are allergic to bed bugs, and it is not a surprise that their allergies are triggered when sleeping on an old surface. Dust mites can cause eczema and other skin problems, as well as respiratory issues as they can cause damage to lungs. They can also contribute to snoring due to the irritation of the airways. Of course, you can prevent allergies by washing your sheets and vacuuming them regularly, but if your mattress is more than a decade old, and you didn’t clean it adequately, the best thing is to buy a new one. If you don’t know which model to choose, consumer best mattress may be the right option.

It Can Cause Back Pain

Another common consequence of sleeping on an old surface is back pain. Many people experience this problem and are often prevented from getting a good night’s rest. The reason for this is simple – old mattresses usually lack adequate comfort and support. If you are frequently struggling with back pain, your old mattress may be to blame.

It Can Contribute to Weight Gain

In case you want to lose excess weight, but can’t seem to accomplish this goal, you can probably blame your bed. Sleep deprivation can cause weight gain as it promotes overeating and binge-eating. When we don’t get enough rest at night, we are prone to indulging in unhealthy foods and are less likely to exercise. As a result, we can gain excess pounds sooner or later. If your mattress is uncomfortable and of poor quality, it may be the cause of your sleep deprivation.

It Can Promote Snoring

Snoring is often caused by the improper choice of mattresses. It is crucial to sleep on a surface that provides the right level of support and comfort. When your body is not adequately supported during the night, your airways and tissues may be under a lot of tension, thus causing snoring. If you lack the proper support while sleeping, it is about time to say goodbye to your old mattress.

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