Black Women Don't Cry

Black Women Don't Cry

They treated you like garbage
Shit all over your feelings
Turned ghost when the walls closed in on you and toppled down your ceilings
Don't lie in that pile of rubble, girl get up and get your shit together
We don't have the luxury of shutting down or succumbing to the stormy weather
...and see, its not just a bit of precipitation; it's a tsunami strong enough to wipe out nations
But that burden is on you to lie in that bed-- you are the one that made it
wake up early every morning, hold your head up high and face it...

You are a strong black woman, able to handle anything
You don't need a man to raise a child; or the false security of an engagement ring
(But its no matter.. ) We'll leave you alone you'll figure it all out; learn and grow into your power
Fuck who you want out of loneliness, have a nervous breakdown in your own shower
Go to work...
go to Wic; raise your babies
suck his dick
You did this, it's your fault
Let Tyrone break your heart when you know black men lie
Get you pregnant; say good bye
Don't you cry, your skin is coffee
Mocha latte, cappuccino
We as black women give advice because we been there and we know
That prozac and that xanax was not invented for you
You are stronger than those drugs, get up and do what you have to do

You are welcome in our circle but you better not shed one tear
We are low on society's totem pole but do not complain about being here
Just look good and strut your big ass; show dignity, strong faith and class
Even as the world tells you you are not beautiful,
you are a twerking hoe
you are just for show
Be kind to those folks when they spit on you, focus on your children, don’t be a love fool
And if you should fall into that trap, get up dust yourself off and bounce right back

You are black

You don’t suffer from “their” depression; have you considered that maybe you are just weak?
You dont know real pain, haven’t earned a single tear flowing downward from your cheek
I’ve been raped, called out my name, punch in the face and I’m not insane
I’ve used my life to make me tougher
You drown in sorrow and choose to suffer
Wallow deep within your low self esteem claiming you don't want to live anymore
We're all just biding our time until heaven girl, don't you know what you're even here for? 
Endure the crushing loneliness that comes with being set apart
Guard your heart, a romantic life is not meant for you, poor your love into those babies
I been where you are and there are no handouts, who you think was there to save me? 
I Didn't pop any pills for my anxiety
Never bothered wasting time with psychotherapy
I did things the hard way and guess what? ...I survived
Without once letting a mother fucker see me cry


*I try to promote healthy mental health, or shed light on dark mental health issues in most of my writing and especially my poetry. This poem that appears in my first chapbook, Trigger, is often misunderstood. Basically, I resent the pressure on black women to always to be strong and I think older black women who have been abused and live tough lives often pass dysfunctional advice down to younger generations and the cycle continues...

*Email me directly if you would like a free PDF copy of my first book of poetry released February 2016*

Published by Whiskey

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