7 Features of Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016

7 Features of Microsoft Office 2016

Jan 14, 2019, 9:57:21 PM Tech and Science

New features are added each day and if you are an avid user of Microsoft Office applications, then you must be noticing some of them day by day. You may have noticed these features even when you log in to any Microsoft office applications such as PowerPoint, Word and excel. Check out Training Connection to sign up for a professional excel training

In this article, I’m going to talk about some of the recently added features for improved productivity.

1. Additional Ribbon Buttons

The best thing with Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 is that you can archive items using the Archive Button. The developers also wanted to make the process of browsing and adding new groups very easy,. For this reason, it is now very easy for you to browse and add new groups with the addition of those group buttons. The good thing is that you can as well add these features to your ribbon in case you don’t see them.

2. Mentions

This is a feature that is in MS Outlook 2016 for capturing users attention very fast. It is usually used when you are writing emails or calendar invitations. You are just supposed to type the @ symbol and the first few letters of the person’s name into the body and a pop up list will come up with different contact options.

3. Publish to Docs.com

This feature is now in Ms Word, Ms Excel and MS PowerPoint 2016. It now makes it easier for you to publish your documents to Docs.com. You are just supposed to select File>Publish and you will get the Docs.com options. The options also include the document title and visibility Choices. However, you will need an account with Docs.com. The good thing is that you can create one using your personal email address. There are several other options of either signing with Microsoft Account or FaceBook.

4. New Charts in Excel

You now have some good new visuals in Excel. Excel 2016 goes further to add six new chart types which includes Waterfall, Pareto, Treemap, Histogram, Box and Whisker and Sunburst. What this means is that they have tried as much as possible to make MS Excel 2016 more useful.

5. Researcher

This feature is there to help you with your business research or term papers. It is incorporated in Microsoft Office word. You just have to select researcher from your toolbar and later enter your search term into the side bar. Options will come up and you will be needed to select the ones that you like. You can later add headings to start your outline and cite the sources directly from this tool.

6. Text highlighter

This feature is very useful to MS PowerPoint. It is similar to the one in MS word where you can be able to highlight a test in PowerPoint. This is to help you make some part of your text stand out. You are just supposed to select the text you want to highlight while you are in the home button and click on Text Highlighter. You will later be prompted to select the color.

7. Zoom For PowerPoint

This is a new tool in MS PowerPoint which lets you to move to different slides and sections of your presentation quickly. With MS PowerPoint 2016, there are three Zooms that you can go with.

  • Summary zoom- This puts the pieces you select into one slide. It allows you to jump between them as you continue with your activities.
  • Slide zoom lets you navigate slides in any order you choose.
  • The last option is the Section zoom which allows you to pop back to previous sections easily.

If you want to zoom, just select Insert>Zoom a d then select any of the above options.

Final Words!

Now I’m sure after reading the features you want to install it too. If you do want to install then I have a good news for you. From LimitlessReferrals you can download the fully registered version for free.

Just download and install it and start using all the features mentioned above.


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