Top 5 Myths About Earphones and Useful Tips

Expensive products always sound better

Top 5 Myths About Earphones and Useful Tips

Nov 7, 2017, 3:32:13 PM Tech and Science

Listening to music can make you feel relaxed and can bring you to a world that is free from stress and other worries of the day. One of the greatest inventions of today are the music applications that can help you store music and makes it possible for you to listen to your favourite hits anytime.

The creation of smart phones equipped with music applications opened the possibility of development on the features of headphones. Every year, you will find a new design of earphones that is created with more features. This is the beauty of technology. Inventors are focused on what the people need and the improvements that can make listening to music a better experience for everyone. However, the use of earphones can also cause discomfort when not done properly. But the general use of headphone is not a bad thing contrary to the myth that some people believe in. It can be used regularly and it has features that are created according to what the ears can take. Here are other myths about earphones:

Hearing impact

Some people claim that using of headphones can cause damage to hearing. Some have claimed that their hearing capability has weakened because they keep on listening to music. Regular use of headphones will not affect your hearing contrary to what other people say. Even if you are always listening to music, your hearing will not really be affected as long as you are listening to music on a normal volume. Beware, however, of signs that indicate you're starting to have problems and do your research on hearing protection alternatives, if you are always listening to music.

All headphones and earphones have a universal fit

When purchasing headphones, people do not really mind the features because most of us used to believe that every pair of earphones are created with the same fitting. This is not true. There are other headphones that are created with special fitting. This way, it will be more comfortable for the listener to use it and it will not cause irritation to the external ear.

Noise cancelling will remove all noise

There are headphones that are equipped with a special noise cancelling feature. These are the ones that can cover the ears to eliminate the noise from the outside. But you should not expect that it can totally eliminate the noise. The aim of noise cancelling earphones is to block the noise as it directs the sound to the ears but it will not totally block external sound especially if it is really noisy around you.

All headphones have the same volume

There headphones that are created with stronger and more powerful volume. There are also those that can bring out all the sounds of all the music instruments that were used in the song. And there are also those that can strengthen the bass. If you are checking on the features of the earphones, you should also ask about the volume.

Loud sound damages the headphones

During the manufacturing, all headphones were checked and tried to see if it can be used generally for all types of music. Even if you listen to head banging music, the headphones will not break because it is made for it. Though you need to check your volume to protect your ears from damages because there is also a recommended volume for people who are regularly listening to music.

Expensive products always sound better

Most people would go for more expensive headphones because they believe that it comes with a better quality. One of the myths is that the worth or the quality of the sound it better when it is a bit expensive. Instead of checking the price when you are buying, you need to check all the features. Even if the headphones are expensive, if the features that you are looking for is not included in the package, you will still be disappointed with the sound that it will produce.

Earphones with quad drivers are better

Quad drivers are new features and it cannot be found on old models. However, it does not make the earphones sound better or the quality more reliable. The features are only added for more convenient purposes but it does not mean that it is already the best earphone.


If you are looking for ways to enjoy your music with your earphones, you can consider these tips:


  1. Use an earphone with an audio extension cord with volume control. This way, you will be able to control the volume and maximize it according to the noise around you.
  2. You can also consider a no headphone hearing aid squeal.
  3. Using over-the-ear wireless headphones can also be more comfortable.
  4. You can also use a headphone with a quick mute feature if you want to have a control over stopping the music anytime. This is for people who are fond of listening to music even when they are travelling. With this headphone, you will be able to stop and to continue whenever you need to.
  5. There are also noise-isolating in-ear headphones that you can use. These are very comfortable and it cannot irritate your inner ear. Aside from that, it can help you do away with the noise around you. 

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