4 Things I Shouldn’t Have Done For Love

things should not do for love

4 Things I Shouldn’t Have Done For Love

Aug 3, 2018, 6:36:46 PM Opinion

When you love someone, in most cases you are ready to do whatever it takes just to be with this person and to keep them in your life. You are ready to do everything for them and for this love both of you feel.

And I am the same. But there are some things you should never do, no matter how much you love someone.

Here are 4 of the things I’ve done for love which were always a bad idea.

Change Myself

One of the first things I do every time I meet a new guy and every time I fall for someone new unconsciously changes myself.

I don’t do it on purpose and when I figure out that I’ve started doing it, it’s usually too late.

The point is that I always want to be more likable and lovable to this guy so I try to adapt myself to fit his standards.

I try to change myself into the person I think he would like me to be.

And this is exactly what I did in most of my previous relationships.

And it was one of the things which cost me the most.

Because whenever I broke up with a guy I had changed myself for, I was always completely lost.

Because every time I would fall in love with someone new, I would lose myself.

And every time I was alone, I would have to reinvent my personality all over again.

Try to Change My Partner

Another thing that I should have never done for love besides changing myself is trying to change my partner.

When you meet a new guy, it is natural for you not to like every little thing about him.

It is natural that this guy won’t be perfect and that he will have some flaws you wish didn’t exist.

But if you really like or love someone, you need to learn to accept them for who they really are, together with all of their qualities and imperfections.

You can’t hope that you’ll manage to change them with time. Because that will never happen.

And that was exactly what I did in my past relationships.

I thought I could change a man’s personality traits if I just remained patient enough and if I loved him enough.

What I didn’t know was that something like that could never turn out all right.

If the other person changes for your sake and not because he wants to, you will make him miserable.

On the other hand, if you don’t succeed in changing him but you continue to want it, you will make yourself miserable.

Forget to Love Myself

Every time I’ve loved a man, I gave him all of my love.

I had eyes for him only and he became the center of my world.

This man would always become my priority and I always put his needs in front of my own.

And in this process, I always had a habit of forgetting to love myself.

I was always so consumed by the love I felt for my partner that I completely disregarded myself every time I fell in love.

What I didn’t know was that I could never expect another human being to love me and to respect me until I did myself.

What I didn’t know was that I should have loved myself more.

Lower My Standards

I am a person who’s always had strong deal-breakers and high standards. As long as I was single.

But the moment I fall for someone, I forget all about my deal-breakers and disregard my standards completely.

I don’t think if we are compatible or if we have a future together.

The only thing that becomes important is the butterflies this man awakes in me.

You may say that I follow my heart but the truth is that I lower my standards every time I fall in love.

And the truth is that this has brought me worse than good things in life.

This has gotten me into a lot of trouble and it is definitely one of the things I shouldn’t have done for love.

Meta: There are some things you should never do, no matter how much you love someone.

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