6 Things To Know Before Dating A Broken Man

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6 Things To Know Before Dating A Broken Man

Jan 14, 2019, 5:37:11 PM Life and Styles

Dating a broken man isn’t easy at all. Dating a broken man is like taking care of a wounded animal. You have to be present all the time. You have to be careful what you do or say around him.


You have to be extra cautious when it comes to his feelings because he’s been hurt, and he doesn’t trust people anymore. He builds emotional walls around him so hard and tall that almost no one can tear them down.

You thought only women lock themselves away and get their emotions out of sight when they are hurt. Men do it, too, but they do it differently.

Before dating a broken man you have to keep in mind that…

They won’t talk about it.

He will close himself off and shut down every possibility of anyone reaching out. So if you really want to love a broken man, you have to be absolutely sure about it. You have to be persistent and never give up.

There will be hard times ahead of you, times when you won't have the strength to continue fighting for his attention and his love. He will pull himself back, and he will act like nothing’s wrong.

He will act tough because he doesn’t want to show his weaknesses. He doesn’t want to get himself into the situation of getting hurt again.

You won’t be able to change him.

Forget about changing him; you can only make him feel better. You can make him feel safe around you, so he can relax and start trusting you. Once you gain his trust, he will become himself. He won’t be that wounded man anymore.

Every heartbreak takes its toll on a person. Every pain changes you a bit, but you learn a lot from it. You make mistakes which you’ll never make again.

Show him that you’re different

Show him that you are not like the person who hurt him. Show him that you are not going to abandon him in his time of need. Show him that you’re going to be by his side when he needs you the most.

He needs to know that you are going to be the person who will take care of him and treat him the way he deserves. And do that. Treat him the way you want to be treated.

Don’t manipulate him

Don’t manipulate people in general. If you see that his interests toward you are not as strong as yours are, don’t try to manipulate him into liking you. Some people only care about what they want. Some of them will go to any length only to be with the person they like.

So forget about sending texts that will make him want you. Forget about tricks and hacks to making him like you more. The only way you’re going to win this man over is by being completely honest under the presumption that your intentions are true.

Don’t be pushy

Leave him be. Let him to adjust to you and your love for him. Let him relax slowly day by day, and he will come around. In time, he will see that you only want what’s best for him.

Don’t expect him to say that he loves you after only a month, and don’t ask it for him. Don’t put deadlines on your relationship because you’re only going to chase him away and prove to him that you’re the same as the person who hurt him.

Try to understand why he’s broken

Maybe a relationship didn’t break him. Maybe he’s broken because of something else. Be very understanding and patient. Reach out to him, and give him a helping hand. It’s not his fault he’s broken. It’s not his fault pain found his way to him.

Dating a broken man is extremely hard, but his love for you, after all you’ll go through with him will be everlasting.  

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