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1. Raj and Radhika

“I am a fashion designer and Raj is a technology and consultancy expert from Mumbai. I first got curious to check out his profile on the website when I got a notification saying I got a like from Raj. I started talking to him and it felt like I had known him for many years. In a very short span of time, he started understanding me and my emotions very well and always kept me smiling with his witty and humorous replies to my texts. It really felt energetic and refreshing to be with him, and that is when I knew that he is the one for me, the one with whom I can spend the rest of my life happily. Thank you QuackQuack for playing the inevitable role of Cupid in our love story.”

2. Aniket and Pooja

“I first came across his profile while I was checking around other profiles of men on the website, and I straight away knew that he was the perfect man that a woman could ever wish for, the perfect person to be with, with all the good qualities. Initially, we started off like good friends who would be in contact with each other regularly just like other friendships, but before I could even realize, I started falling in love with him, and I proposed him first to which he said yes. We are now leading a successfully healthy relationship of love with each other, and I would like to give all the credits for this to QuackQuack.”

3. Rahul and Sakshi

“I remember that I was once surfing around the website looking for a fun date or a girlfriend, and I had come across the profile of Sakshi. I would have never thought in the wildest of my dreams that I would find someone whom I would love so much while looking for a girlfriend on a dating website. We started off with some casual talks and a friendship just like any other in the beginning, but this friendship soon started taking shape into something else and we slowly became inseparable from each other. We would talk each and every day, informing each other about everything going on in our lives and not a day would pass without us not taking or chatting with each other. My life has become one of the most wonderful places ever since she has entered it. I would have never imagined finding the love of my life on a dating website, but all thanks to QuackQuack, I have found my better half and I am leading a happy life with her.”

4. Yogesh and Bhoomi

“We find it very amazing and exciting whenever someone asks how both of us met each other, and we answer that we met on a dating site. Our profiles matched with each other as we had a common interest in music and that was a part of the filters according to which the search results are customized to give you profiles with the same interest as yours. I was very much motivated and awestruck with the way Bhoomi handled various situations with a level of maturity that I had hardly seen in people. We started texting via QuackQuack and as we got to know more about each other, we realized that we had various common interests and similar views on life. This is what brought us really close to each other and we were clearly sure that we will have a great life together. QuackQuack played the role of bringing us together and we are really thankful to the website.”

5. Ajay and Mrinalini

“We were both registered with QuackQuack and our profiles matched because of the interests that we had in common. We got connected with the help of the dating site, and in a very short span of time, we started licking each other. We talked about each other, about our likings, our disliking, and we quickly realized that we had so much in common. It was like we were made for each other, the perfect couple with the same interests and approach towards life. The problem was that we were culturally different and my parents were not sure about our relationship. However, her parents tried to persuade them and they finally agreed to our marriage. Today we are happily married and I give all the credits to QuackQuack for bringing a life partner like Mrinalini into my life.”


1. Abhishekh

“I never believed that you could find someone on dating sites, but QuackQuack proved me wrong. I am thankful that I found my life partner through this site and my belief towards it has become strong ever since. It has been nine months since I have found my girlfriend and we are leading towards a happy and satisfied relationship. This site is really very safe and trustworthy.”

2. Anushka

“The most wonderful feature of this site is that the moderation team keeps it very safe for all the users that have registered with the website, especially girls and women. You will not be able to find any kind of vulgarity on this website. QuackQuack has been providing me with plenty of suitable options and I really like the way it functions. I am glad that I joined this community of online dating.”

3. Girish

“Internet is doing its wonders once again and the inception of such dating websites has been made possible because of that only. With the help of QuackQuack, you can actually meet the life partner or the love that you have been looking for. Initially, I was not exactly sure about the results of online dating, but this site has provided me with a wonderful experience.”

4. Samarth

“I read reviews of QuackQuack on the internet but I really doubted if it would work out for me as well. However, when I joined the website, I was really amazed by all the features and incentives that the site provides to its users. I have met a lot of new people and have had amazing experiences with them. All thanks go to QuackQuack and its amazing set of services of bringing people especially singles together.”

5. Khushi

“I was looking for the best dating sites where I could find dates online easily, and then I came across QuackQuack, and I immediately started liking the interface of the website and the way its team interacts with the users. I started looking for dates and eventually found a suitable girl for myself. We have been dating for some months now and we are happy to be with each other. Thank you QuackQuack for helping me find someone perfect for me.”


QuackQuack is an efficient dating website which is tailor­-made for the youth of modern India. It is a very reputable Online Dating website and it has brought together many singles, who are now leading a happy and contented life together. Millions of people are using this website for dating purposes, finding the perfect partner that they have been looking for, and QuackQuack has been providing that to such users on a daily basis ever since its inception. The user interface is very smooth and not at all complicated, which makes finding the perfect date for you just one click away.

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