What is Eco Marketing? Going Green With Environmentally Friendly Business

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What is Eco Marketing? Going Green With Environmentally Friendly Business

Dec 13, 2018, 7:21:47 PM Business

Marketing has evolved over the years. And now, eco-marketing has become a priority of various brands. If you are not familiar with the term, this blog will discuss it in detail.

What is Eco Marketing?

Eco-marketing, green marketing, or sustainable marketing is a practice to improve ecology. This marketing practice promote products and services that are safe environmentally. Moreover, this idea got popularity when people started to focus on environmental issues.

So, they took a step to spend their money in a way that it benefits the environment. Eco-marketing includes different steps and is a long process. However, the outcome of green marketing is effective that is why more and more brands are opting for it.

It involves environmentally friendly product along with eco-friendly marketing material. Moreover, eco-marketing is based on sustainable practice to business, packaging along with the benefits of the product for the environment.

Although this marketing practice is pricey, it seems profitable because of its increased demand. For instance, if a product is manufactured in the US, it costs more than a product that is produced overseas. This is because of affordable labor.

But at the same, producing the product in the US will save the excess carbon that is used to bring the product to the US. On the basis of its benefits to the environment, manufacturers and consumers both appreciate green marketing.

Eco-marketing focuses on the following factors such as:

  • A non-toxic product manufacturing process

  • Manufactures a product following the sustainable method

  • Ability to recycled or made from recycled material

  • Produced as a reusable product

Green Marketing Procedure

Apart from making the environmentally friendly product, brand or business owners follow certain steps that suit eco-marketing. Below are some of the common steps:

  • Creates a recycling program and takes responsibility to discard waste accordingly

  • Uses only eco-friendly product packaging

  • For print material, uses only eco-friendly ink and paper

  • Safe shipping and packing efforts

  • Uses green power sources

Also, some brands skip print marketing completely. And, opt for the electronic market to prevent the hassle of the ink and paper.

Why Eco Marketing?

Brands or companies prefer eco or green marketing as their social responsibility. By doing so, they play their part to protect the air and environment from further damage. After understanding the benefits of eco-marketing, more and more businesses have started to implement it.

This is because sustainable marketing attracts consumers which ultimately influence sales. This is also a great way to save excess water, energy, and other expenses.

Furthermore, many business owners have even realized that using eco-marketing increases brand loyalty as this practice showcases a brand’s commitment to social responsibility.

On the other hand, socially aware consumers do not only applaud these steps but consider eco-friendly products over the others.

Therefore, the idea of eco-marketing is not only effective to protect the environment but it helps in increasing sales as well.

What is Greenwashing?

There is no question that green products or eco-marketing encourage consumers to invest in the product. This step continues to benefit the brand in the longer run. However, many brands only opt for green marketing to generate a considerable amount of sales.

To be more precise, some marketers use eco-marketing to sell the product only. And, they do not follow further steps to complete the right process of green marketing. So, they market their product in a way that it seems a better and green option to buyers when actually it is not.

For example, some brands just use green color or use words like eco-friendly just to get consumer’s attention whereas their product is not up to the mark. This practice is known as greenwashing. It is not only a misleading step but it damages a brand’s reputation severely.

Final Verdict

Eco-marketing brings numerous benefits to the brand and the environment alike. You only need to focus on the brands that are certified. This way, you will get the true eco-friendly product.

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