Why Feeling Cosy is So Important

feeling cosy

Why Feeling Cosy is So Important

Jan 31, 2019, 5:42:48 AM Life and Styles

The place where we lay the head to sleep at night and where we practice our activities during a day is for each of us one of the most important places on the planet. Usually, it is our house or flat, our yurt, hut, or a tent. Whatever form and shape our house takes, we want to feel safe there and cosy. The feeling of cosiness is of crucial value for everyone, wherever they are. This article will draw your attention to a few important aspects of feeling cosy.

When Can We Call a Place Cosy?

We may define a room as cosy when we feel comfortable and safe there. When there is enough space for us to practice our duties and when this space is friendly, clean and orderly. We want to have a chance to rest there deeply, overcome anxiety, relax, as well as organize some work or fun.

How Can We Make a Place Cosy for Ourselves?

First of all, we need to point out, that feeling cosy is an extremally individual and subjective matter. One person will feel cosy in a small chamber, another needs a vast hall to feel cosy. Some people like lower temperatures in their bedroom, others prefer it warmer.

The parameters of cosiness are endless. We talk about light, selection of furniture, plants, decorations, style, scents, animals, etc.

Secondly, no meter how many aspects we consider, the truth remains, that this us, who are responsible for our feeling cosy in any place.

Thus, if we like it clean, we need to wipe dust regularly and keep the toilet shiny. If we like spending evenings in a magical mood, we need to prepare candles, flowers and good music, for example. If we feel energized in red colors, we need to paint walls such colors. If we love cats, we need to see all aspects of feeling cosy with a cat. If we live with another person, we need to find common ground with the other and also meet their needs.

Advantages of Feeling Cosy

So we invest our energy to create and maintain a certain place ideally cosy according to our individual standards and needs. What are the benefits of spending time in a comfortable place and feeling cosy there? They are many, we will mention just three here.

#1.  When people feel cosy, their creativity grows. Feeling cosy means being responsible for the place and for our safety. When we have all our tools and belongings in order, when we feel quiet and safe, when we feel the friendly atmosphere around, we want to create and express ourselves there. Masterpieces can be painted on canvas, delicious dinners can be cooked and baked, music composed, stories typed, dresses sewed, students taught, etc… Those who feel cosy will make others happy as well.

#2.  Feeling cosy determines also a good healthy, deep sleep. If we are afraid of something or it is too noisy, or too cold/hot, or smelly and we do not feel cosy, we will find it very difficult to fall asleep there. The sleep will be shallow and broken. After a while, such a situation might lead to chronical exhaustion and even illness. So it is our responsibility to prepare a bed, and arrange the bedroom in the possibly best way to feel cosy and cherish the body with calm surrounding and healthy sleep.

#3. Only when feeling cosy, can we turn our attention to higher goals. This feeling calms the mind down and relaxes the body. It is possible to meditate and to connect with our spiritual needs. We can experience peace of heart, friendship, sympathy, respect, and gratefulness. We can dance and sing with joy. We will then radiate with love! How important is that?


All in all, it is worth making our space cosy to feel cosy there. The benefits of feeling cosy are endless and various - in physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual areas. The good news is, feeling or not feeling cosy is totally up to us. Our own choices will lead us to experience the blessings of this feeling to our own and to others’ contentment and growth.

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