Allied Review

Last week I reviewed Hacksaw Ridge, a World War II film, so I figured why not review another one. Allied is the new Brad Pitt film directed by Robert Zemeckis and (spoiler) it is a solid meh. Let's find out why.

Story: Brad Pitt flies into Casablanca and teams up with a member of the French Resistance to assassinate the German Ambassador to Morocco. They kill their target, fall in love, and move to London and live happily ever after. JK. Brad Pitt is then told that his new wife is a German spy and sending sensitive information to the Nazis and he has to figure out if the woman he loves is a spy or being set up. It is a textbook cliched story and has been seen many times before, so it's nothing special. It's interesting (I guess) but not in any way unique.

Acting: People love to hate on Brad Pitt and I bet you that they'll hate him here. His performance is typical Brad Pitt. It's average acting. Nothing great but also not bad. The film also stars Marion Cotillard and her acting is average as well. And so is Jared Harris. Basically the acting here in a nut shell is average.

Presentation: Again average looks and sounds here. I'll give an extra point for making it feel like WWII (whatever that means).

Effect: Like I said, the story here is not unique in any way but it does keep you in your seat for the duration. The twist at the end is quite predictable but what happens after is pretty cool and something I didn't quite expect.

Other: This is a decent movie but is probably best enjoyed at home rather than in theaters.

All in all, it's an average movie. Nothing more. Nothing less. Enjoy at your own discretion.

Story: 6
Acting: 6
Presentation: 7
Effect: 7
Other: 6

Score: 6.4

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