Blue +Red = Purple(The Color of a Bruise)

Not a Pretty Picture

The idea of Blue and Red states was media-created in 2000. It has widened the divide between us until it has became a bruise on our national skin. We have become as diverse as the continent of Europe - a continent of many nations. The West Coast is all blue in spite of its raging fires while the Midwest is almost solid scarlet. It's time we started acknowledging it. Let the majority in the nation decide who rules or let us become separate since united we are not.

Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" was the most widely read document in the colonies in 1776. Many believe it was the inspiration for the creation of the Declaration of Independence. Why? A bigger percentage of the population read Paine's document than watch the Super Bowl and consequently decided to break away from England.

The Founding Fathers were mostly men of wealth and power who wrote "all Men are created equal." But all men, women and slaves were not treated that way. Paine was not wealthy, he died a poor man with 6 people at his funeral - two of them freed slaves. To Thomas Paine black lives did matter as did all others. Not all the Founding Fathers shared his belief. Not all of us do today.

We now have a government structure that was originally created for 13 colonies and 2.5 people, including .5M slaves. 65M voted for Clinton and 62M voted for Trump in the last election. Trump is our POTUS today. Today's 'Common Sense' tells us that shouldn't be in a democracy where the majority rules. Many Republicans, not all, are trying to protect their power by making sure the electoral college and Supreme Court are supportive of them staying in power. That is wrong. The people are the ones to make that decision.

Published by William h Snyder


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