The Art of Self-Control

Waiting for the Clockwork Orange Storm

As a practicing Taoist I'm usually comfortable in my skin when it comes to practicing self-control. Today, not so much. I read the I Ching (Book of Changes) most days after flipping coins to see what passages to read. Today the coins told me to read Fellowship with Others.

That advice was sorely put to the test when my wife and I took our dog for a walk. Unmasked, 20+ picnickers gathered around a picnic table. Not in this time of social unrest when we both try to say "hello" to strangers was this Fellowship. I felt as though I witnessed a crime as we walked past. What gave them the right to ignore the state's mandate to wear a mask?

The answer lies in the photo above and the rally at Newport News, VA. The Clockwork Orange's campaign was told by Virginia authorities the event was a public health hazard if thousands attended. The authorities were ignored and the event went on with most of the attendees unmasked.

I am unable to fathom the logic, intelligence, or compassion for others in the decisions being made by so many of my fellow Americans until I remember the above photo from September 25, 2020 and Trump saying

COVID's a good thing

because now he doesn't have to shake hands with some of his supporters. Olivia Troye, Pence's former aide, quoted Orange saying this in a meeting. Joke or no joke, he tests my self-control in new ways everyday. Thankfully, I still believe in the BOOK OF CHANGES.

Published by William h Snyder


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