Why is the POTUS a Clockwork Orange?

Let's Put a Stop to TRUMPMORONICS

The answer to whether Anthony Burgess created the term 'Clockwork Orange' or heard it in a pub is still not known. There is no evidence of its use according to Kingsley Amis and the "The Dictionary of Historical Slang".

Regardless, we have one in the White House. This is what Burgess had to say about his term and book title.

"...the phrase itself I did not make up. The phrase "as queer as a clockwork orange" is good old East London slang and it didn't seem to me necessary to explain it. Now, obviously, I have to give it an extra meaning. I've implied an extra dimension. I've implied the junction of the organic, the lively, the sweet – in other words, life, the orange – and the mechanical, the cold, the disciplined. I've brought them together in this kind of oxymoron, this sour-sweet word.

Donald Trump is an oxymoron without the first 2 syllables. This week the science of TRUMPMORONICS revealed there is no such thing as "climate change'. In Scott Atlas' and DJT's brains(if they only had a brain) the 'herd mentality' - DJT meant herd immunity - will stop COVID-19. He is right the herd mentality will stop it after 2-6M die.

IMO the term 'Clockwork Orange' doesn't totally apply to DJT because he's not organic, lively, sweet, alive or disciplined. However, he is mechanical and cold.

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