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Hi, I’m William, happily born again since I was 11 and everything still feels brand new, I love studying scriptures and I read quite a bit of Christian materials as well, Yep, a bit of a book worm.

Believe it or not I actually have a degree in Computer science and have relatively fast fingers in the coding world. Talking of worlds, I’m not of this world, Yep, bona fide Alien here! Apparently I’m from a planet called Above (John 3:8, 31), so I guess am an Abovian, and chances are you probably are too, even if you might not know that yet.

Yes, I love hugs and I’d rate myself a 9.8/10 in friendliness, my favorite creatures are actually humans, with cats following closely.

p.s. don't let my pic in a suit scare you, found a picture that shows my good side :)

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