An Acquired Taste

An Acquired Taste

Mar 26, 2018, 12:49:18 AM Religion

  Though art my portion o Lord … Psalms 119 : 57

An interesting account came up about sharks on National Geographic, in a certain area
the number of shark attacks in a single year multiplied drastically to a point of the area
being labeled unsafe, investigations were carried out on why the sudden rise of shark
attacks, generally speaking shark attacks on humans are more on the rarer side. One of
the theories that came up was that perhaps the sharks had acquired a taste for human,
maybe one or two sharks had gotten a good bite on some juicy humans and decided
that human should be added to their food menu on a permanent basis.

Humorous as that may be, the conclusion on why really the shark attacks have increased
is besides the point, my interest however when I watched the program was the fact of
how we can acquire a taste for things we naturally didn’t have, I’m reminded of myself
growing up; I never liked beans and even loathed it, it was up there in my list of most
dreaded meals, things however changed gradually but permanently when I entered
boarding school. The somewhat scarcity of food at some times made any meal a
welcome entity, missing lunch or dinner and not having personal cash to augment the
missed meal may well mean sleeping with an empty stomach. It was in this choice-less
environment I began to really eat beans and even look forward to eating it, today beans
is permanent member of my diet, I through circumstances acquired a taste for it.

I believe many a believer has acquired a taste not natural to their real nature and this
acquired taste becomes a major stumbling block to true surrender, the thought of living
life without those things feels so unimaginable a task. Their taste buds have become so
adapted to certain things that when they taste or experience the natural and fresh
things of the Spirit it is to them a foreign object.

So the idea of helping someone who was and maybe still is cruel to them is absurd, the
idea of being in a church gathering more than a few hours is torture, they wonder what
is he praying for that’s making him pray for hours at a go, it doesn’t seem a big deal to
bend the rules to make an extra dollar here or there, the idea that a girl is actually
chaste is non-existent talk less a guy, so there’s always room for a little compromise in a
“committed” relationship, the list goes on and on, of how strange tastes have become
normal and our normal tastes become strange.

We acquire these strange tastes mostly from our environment, it is the fact that we are
in the world but not of the world, that gives room for daily interaction and exposure to
new tastes, what many believers don’t realize is that the battle they fight is a battle of
taste, because what you have acquired a taste for becomes your default, it becomes
what you do when you’re not doing anything, what you think when you’re not thinking
anything in particular, and so it will determine what you do when you want to do
something and what you think when you want to think.

       ...because what you have acquired a taste for becomes your default

It boils down to not just what you think but how you think “for as a man thinketh so is
he”. The reason you think you will fail in the next interview is because you have a
mindset which thinks as a failure, so you project failure on every thing that comes
around you, this is why merely thinking positive thoughts will not work permanently,
you must dig into your very core and expunge the acquired taste of failure from your
soul, so also the acquired taste of fear, depression and every other foreign taste.

Let me tell you about you, you, the real you who was born in Zion, not of flesh or of
human will, the real you, who has been recreated in the Image of God, the real you,
who has overcome the world and is more than a conqueror, the real you, who is a love
child from a love God, the real you, who is from above; this real you is above all, this
real you is an all round success, this real you has the very mind of Christ, this real you
loves all people, this real you hates sin, this real you is excited about spiritual things,
this real you loves to pray, this real you loves the fellowship of the brethren, this real
you looks just like Jesus.

                                 The real you looks just like Jesus

Every other thing which is not in keeping with Truth is an acquired taste, a foreign entity
nationalized in you and claiming original status. The first step in winning this battle
against alien thoughts and tastes is realizing that what you have is an acquired taste not
an original (what we call “follow-come”) truth. You’ve been given a definition of success
but you now must redefine success, you’ve been given a definition of beauty but you
now must redefine beauty, redefining everything according to the original definitions,
this is what is meant in scripture when it says “be not conformed to this world but be ye
transformed by the renewing of your mind,” the renewing of your mind is the resetting
of your taste buds to its original feel, so what is sweet in heaven is sweet in your mouth
and what is bitter in heaven is bitter on your lips.

the renewing of your mind is the resetting of your taste buds to its original feel

They are so many tastes and definitions that must be “un-acquired” and redefined, as you stay on the Word and expose yourself to biblical teaching, the Spirit will reveal these truths to you, however I’d like to point out one original taste that many have seem to have lost but is so vitally necessary;

                                                  The Sufficiency of God
                   our hearts are restless until they rest in you… St. Augustine

God is enough! God is enough for you!
It was the Bishop Oyedepo that said “what God cant give me let me never have, where
God cant take me let me never go!“. When you need something in addition to God or to
the exclusion of God in order to be satisfied your taste has gone wild and your heart has
lost bearing under a heavy delusion for it is leaving reality to chase shadows.
When God and His ways don’t stir you but your excitement is drawn by a the mundane
of this world then it reveals a heart who’s desire has been perverted.

The lover’s heart for God says with all sincerity ‘You are enough for me o Lord’, not only
because it has tamed itself to be satisfied with God alone but because it has tasted and
seen that the Lord is good, it has discovered the unfathomable riches in Christ. If your
walk with God bores you it simply means you’ve not scratched beyond the surface of
religiosity you’ve not entered the reality of love, because when you’re in love, simply
beholding the face of your beloved is exciting.

You must come to the point where you realize that truly, God is all you have and
definitely God is all you want, where you can say sincerely “I’m satisfied in you O Lord”,
where the blessings of God are held with open arms but the God of the blessing is held
with glued fists.

NOTE: The truest enjoyment of the blessings of God whether a spouse, wealth or
health is experienced when the blessing is clearly and inseparably linked to the source,
when you see God behind your wealth you realize He is your true riches not your
money, when you see God behind your spouse you realize He is the source of your
happiness not your spouse and so you can bask in the blessings of the Lord to its
fullness because you know God is the source and sustainer of it all. The blessings of
God seperate from God soon act like idols trying to draw our attention from God and
God wont share His Glory (we are His Glory) with anything not even His blessings.
The Levites had no inheritance because God Himself was their inheritance, today we
have been made kings and priests to our God, God Himself is our inheritance, our
portion and our reward, He is enough, His taste is sweet to our lips and the satisfaction
of all our soul, we want Him and only Him.


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