He loves me, He loves me not...

He loves me, He loves me not...

Sep 17, 2018, 3:57:57 AM Life and Styles

If you've ever watched the 2003 blockbuster movie ‘Hulk’ or are knowledgeable about the Marvel Universe character then you're familiar with the green giant who's temper fuels his strength, the unmatched brawn who is literally unstoppable, tearing armored tanks in two, bringing buildings down with a punch, catching missiles mid air, bullets bouncing off him and explosions leaving him unscathed, he is incredibly fierce, continually angry with an incalculable amount of brute strength, arguably the strongest creature in his world. There is however a scene in the movie where the Hulk is approached by a lady whom he loves and this fearsome creature mellows like butter under a hot sun, going to him without knife or rifle, Armour or shield. He could probably snap her neck with just his breadth but she goes all the same and he calms down and so transforms back to this skinny looking human, what an army couldn't do with all it’s artillery, one lady did without breaking a sweat.

When you feel you have a special place in the heart of someone, when you know this person cares for you, won't hurt you and loves you terribly, that knowledge gives you an unusual kind of boldness to approach the person, to ask for the impossible and expect a smiling yes, even if the person is the Hulk himself. No matter how dreaded warlords are and how terribly they are feared, their children have no fear running to their arms, they could watch the warlord strangle a man with his bare hands yet never fear that those same hands will do them harm, because they know that behind those hands of might is a heart of love targeted specially at them.

That's the difference between religion and Christianity, between just coming to church and realizing how much God loves you. I might love someone but if I don't know what they think of me I would stay my distance and approach with caution but when I know that someone loves me totally, irrevocably and unconditionally I happily run into their arms, knowing that their love is why I'll be received not for the abundance or lack of mine. That is why scriptures says we love God because He first loved us, His love is the focal point, it is His love that stirs our love and makes it come alive, it is His love that pulls us and keeps us and this same love that drives us and constrains us.

we love God because He first loved us

It doesn't bother me if the person who loves me has rejected a thousand people before me, I know my case will be different, I know that the love alive in his/her heart beats for me and waits eagerly to accept me. The greater and deeper I understand God’s love for me the greater I know my worth, the more I feel loved, the more I know how irreplaceable I am, the more my joy in His love, the more I trust Him regardless the circumstance, the easier I obey and submit to Him, the less important peoples approval of me is, the deeper I dare go to Him and the more I love Him. All this not just from a general knowledge that God loves me but a rich understanding of the extent of that love to me personally.


So how much does God really love you? Let’s analogize...

If God's love for you was water pouring out then it would flood the earth and flood the air, and pour out to space and keep pouring till it so filled our Solar system that it quenched the sun and keep pouring till the Milky Way Galaxy was flooded and it would keep pouring till the entire known and unknown Universe was flooded and it would yet keep pouring.

If God's love for you was a boomerang shot to the ends of the earth, it would turn around and fly past every mountain, fly faster than any bird, fly through every storm, fly in no flying zones, fly higher than the peak of a thousand towers, it would keep flying till it found you like a guided missile and land on you with an intensity to make all your world quake.

If God's love for you was a person who could run, then it would run to the Caribbean and back without taking a break, it would run faster than the sum total of every Cheetah in the forest, it would run without stopping, it would run on water and over the land, till it found you, picked you up and hurled you into the air and spin you in its arms with unmistakable delight.

If God's love was money, it would make all the fortunes of Forbes 100 richest look like a measly handout, if every human being in the world left their professions and became full time accountants with the task of counting the money with the aid of every possible machinery, should they have begun 50 years ago, by the time their grand children become grand parents they would still not have reached one percent of the total amount of God's love for you.

If God's love for you was a meal, it'd be sweeter than honey soaked, chocolate sprinkled pancakes, it'd make you think sugar was bitter, it'd be spicy yet calm, crunchy yet smooth, filling yet never tiring. The perfect blend of every goodness, prepared just the way you love it, making your taste buds faint from delight and your body anew from nourishment, leaving your spirit alive courtesy a torn flesh and a spilt blood, willingly offered as the meal to forever end an eternal hunger.

If God's love for you was a warrior, it would beat King Kong in an arm wrestling contest, sack Bruce Lee in a martial arts duel, embarrass the entire squad of WWE in a wrestling match, pulverize the entire army of the G-20, and it would raise you up as the only prize worth fighting for.

If God’s love for you was a song, it would sing so beautifully till the wildest beasts were tamed, it would sound so sonorously that the Astronauts in space would hear it, it’s melody would make the trees tap dance, it’s beat would cause the Ostrich to fly higher than any eagle and it’s lyrics would echo and reecho “how greatly I love you!”.

If God's love was a lit matchstick thrown into an icy ocean, it'll never die, it'll burn and keep burning till every block of ice melted and the ocean boiled with great intensity and every drop evaporated and yet it'd keep burning, though left alone it would burn for a thousand generations and a million years it'd keep burning, burning for you.

But even more glorious God's love is best seen in JESUS who raised us up as the only prize worth dying for. Who hung there on the cross, not kept by the nails but by His love, who's every blood drop when scrutinized under a microscope reads “I love you”. We’ve heard of those valiant persons who died for their friends, their spouses and even for their country but Jesus stands out as the one who died for the very enemies that killed Him, who chose bleeding for the very people that bled Him, who endured insults for the very sake of the mouths that reviled Him.

God's love is best seen in JESUS

Most people like people for the likable parts of people, many commit in marriage but as they more fully come to know their spouse, they start heading to the divorce courts! they discover something that shakes them out of the love they thought they had. Well God on the other hand is the one person who knows you through and through, in and out, good and bad, He knows how you look at your best and how bad your worst really is, He knows the history you try to hide and the gory details that makes even you want to puke, He knows not just the social media front you put but the hidden parts you bury, He knows it all and yet He loves you all! You can’t really love unless you have a reason not to, and our God has so many reasons why He shouldn’t but He chooses to nonetheless. This is why scriptures says ‘nothing shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus’. Believe in His love for you, meditate on it, receive it, confess it, revel in it, for it never stops, it’s unconditional, it keeps on coming and coming, forgiving and persevering, waiting and hoping, knocking and pressing, with sights locked on you, loving you like the only one in the world, it is His love that makes the world go round.

He knows it all and yet He loves you all

John the beloved so aware of how much God loved him, called himself ‘the one whom Jesus loved’(John 13:23), it’s not just about it being so, it’s about you knowing it’s so and you personalizing it so. That’s why in Christ you never have to wonder if God loves you, what we do is to continually press on to grasp how much He loves us, how infinite His love towards to us is, and whenever we see a little better of how immense His love towards us is, our world becomes redefined, it’s like our lives experiences an implosion by love that causes an explosion to love. You never have to play the wandering game ‘He loves me, He loves me not?’, for in Christ it is; He loves me, He loves me more, He loves me even more, He loves me even so much more, on and on world without end His love remains forever fixated on you.

Published by William Udousoro

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