Is Here, An Application That Can Help Beginner Stock Investors

Is Here, An Application That Can Help Beginner Stock Investors

Oct 13, 2021, 12:54:44 PM Business

JAKARTA, – Currently, stocks are one of the investment instruments that are in demand by millennials, including those under 30 years old. Moreover, work-from-home activities during the Covid-19 pandemic have encouraged many young people to invest in the stock market.

Based on data from the Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI) as of 27 October 2020, the number of investors in the capital market rose 37% to 3.39 million compared to the end of 2019 which was 2.48 million. Of this number, stock investors reached 1.43 million, up 30% from 1.1 million.

However, along with that, many stock recommendation groups have emerged which are sometimes only used by a few people to make profits from stock investors, especially those who are still beginners. Moreover, investors or novice traders tend to speculate using feelings. Even if based on the analysis, its nature is still limited. They also have to subscribe to recommendations at a cost of millions of rupiah per month.

Therefore, exists as a platform that brings together investors with independent analysts, securities, and public companies. This will help capital market investors. has been officially released on Google Playstore. This platform presents a year-end promo for a subscription of Rp. 199 thousand for 12 months access. Various fundamental and technical analyses are presented in this Issuer Stock recommendation application. Managing Director, Vania said that there are still many traders who do not understand that opportunities will always exist. That way, you don’t need to be forced to trade every day. It tries to present features so that beginners can learn while reducing risk because analysts’ views are certainly different. For example, analyst A recommends buying, while analyst B recommends selling. Users here will benefit because they can see two perspectives, as well as learn from these analysts.

Founder of emitendotcom Denny Huang added, in the future, there will be many features specifically for investors or traders so that they can determine the direction of the market from just one screen page. Thus, there is no need for charts or indicators, because securities in Indonesia and other applications have properly presented these features. “ is different, more about insight into why they chose this stock and what was the reason behind choosing this stock,” he explained in his statement.

In the near future, his party will distribute a giveaway in the form of free premium access to dozens of members on Instagram @emitendotcom. It is hoped that more and more Indonesians will be helped and avoid the thought of ‘playing stocks’ because there is no such thing as playing games in stocks, but investing in stocks.

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