A Problem with Christianity

Christianity seems to put God and Satan on equal footing as two opposing powers. How can a creation be equal to the Creator, each having their own place of power to operate (heaven and hell), fighting for the same thing; the souls of mankind. If this was true, it would appear that Satan is winning the competition. Let’s face it, if God can lose at anything, then God is not all-powerful. Or that God is all-powerful, but did not want to use this power in order to give Satan a fair chance. Or it was about giving mankind free will. Except that if you exercised your free will in a way that God did not approve of, God will hand you over to Satan, who will torture you for eternity. I see a problem with any of this being true.

Because of all of these falsehoods regarding God, it makes it extremely difficult for people to relate to God in any meaningful way. They either misunderstand God, or fear God, or they are begging for God's help, or they deny God altogether. People feel that they have to be pleasing to God in order to get anything from God. They also feel that if they are not pleasing enough for God, they will suffer the consequence of the judgment of God. Many look at each new earthly disaster, each hailstorm, each hurricane, each drought, each flood, or famine, or personal misfortune as evidences that God was not pleased. So according to these beliefs, if you do not please God, it is going to cost you a lot! Is this really the way God is?

Now we can see where the doctrine of Hell comes in. The problem is, we are told that God is love. If that is so, then how could God sentence us to everlasting torture beyond description?

Another false belief is that some are above or greater than others, or higher in position, rank, or importance; because of being in the right religion and in the right church. This causes some to think they have the right to ignore others, or seek to convert others, or eliminate others who did not agree with them. The truth is, in the mind of God, none is better than another.

Another problem with Christianity is the blind following of the religion itself. It expects a person to not ask questions and just accept by faith what is given. The religion would use statements like; "There are things that are not for you to know", or "Just have faith and believe", or "That is all in God's hands and in His mind", or something like, "That is God's business". This gave the religion the authority to say and teach whatever it chose without having to answer or explain anything to anyone. For you to even inquire about such things was blasphemy because it was like you were questioning God.

Hopefully now you can see how buying into these false beliefs have served to keep us in darkness and unable to come into the light of truth. We have accepted these falsehood as the operating reality, not because they reflect our innermost wisdom and thoughts, but because someone else has told us that they are true. It is not something that we have looked into and checked out for ourselves.

God wants us to ask questions in searching and seeking the truth and the true reality. Like stated in Isaiah 1:18, "Come now, and let us reason together, Says the LORD." 

Published by Willie Starks


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