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  “If I could escape by tapping my red glittering heels together three times, I would wish myself out of this world.” I thought to myself while my head rested on my arm which was on the car window. As the sunlight shined through the lids of my eyes, the shadows of the trees traveled across my face, and my hair flowed with the breeze. “Maybe, just maybe wishing hard enough would work. Why not?” I tapped my hardly worn sneakers once, twice, and thrice. I was in a complete tranquil state. Opening my eyes slowly the same way a cameras lens closes shut and reopens. Twinkling constellations reflected in my eyes as the darkness complimented the ray of light coming from each one. Realizing that my wishing worked I gazed toward the countless planets around me. Not a single sound, complete silence is heard in the non-existent air. Particles of stardust flutter pass me lightly fell on me. Stretching my arms out as I began illuminating in its gleam. Feeling a pinch in my right hand I brought it near me to inspect. Catching sight of a tiny radiant star on my palm. A warm heartedly “You are beautiful,” was whispered to me. Tears elevated off the outer corner of my eyes to see such thing. So incandescently, breathtaking. Bouncing away it released itself back into the cloud of stardust. Taking a floating step forwards my eyes flinched as the sun’s beam of light lit in my direction. Turning my head to see all the planets I could only see through a telescope at night. All each and one of them are less than meters away from me. Jupiter, Saturn with its endless rings, Mercury, Venus, and my beloved Pluto. Drifting across wanderlust inside the Milky Way. How I want to stay here forever, sighingly forever. “Hello there”, the moon called for me. “Why such a magnificent one you are,” flustered I tried to respond. “You are one of a kind.” True kindness was heard from those warmly words. “Happiness is the meaning of life and there is so much to learn from where you stand now, my darling.” My heart became weak to have finally heard someone’s care for me. Clenching my chest I held back the tears where my eyes held puddles. “It is okay and will be.” The moon assured as it held me in its comforting aura. “Live to the fullest, Love to no extent, there you will be complete.” The moon blew its interstellar air covering me in flickering cosmic dust. Keep my words in mind, my magnificent one.” Once again in a tranquil state the words given to me flowed in my thoughts. Words to stay and guide me to where they may. Although I hoped to have stayed in that wonderful place. Where all my sorrows were washed away in the soundless atmosphere. My mind is at ease while I feel the lively breeze. The faint sound of cherry blossoms letting go of their branch to then fall onto the ground. The sun warming my face, as the trees continue to stamp shadows. “I’m back”, lightly speaking to myself. Staring at the clouds moving in the fairy flossed sky.



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