The Beginners Guide to Saree Draping

The Beginners Guide to Saree Draping

Apr 25, 2021, 12:32:09 PM Life and Styles

Saree is one of the favourite attire of an Indian woman. Women will never compromise with the choice of a saree. A woman loves to wear sarees on special occasions and festivals.

She waits for the moment in which she will be how to wear a saree. Being the most beautiful attire it has some difficulties to overcome with. It is a difficult task for a beginner to perfectly drape a saree. 

It requires the practice to be a perfect saree draper. But it's not that difficult as it seems. You can easily overcome this difficulty by keeping in mind certain tips and tricks to drape a saree. Let's get started.

Be Choosy

You always love to wear your favourite saree but be smart in choosing a saree. Beginners should always choose a saree that is light in weight and easy to carry.

A heavy saree will make you feel uncomfortable so it's better to choose a saree that is not a heavy one and which will be easy to wear. You will be able to do your work efficiently in a saree if you choose the correct one because you are a beginner. It will be a great choice to choose a chiffon or georgette saree which is light in weight and have a shiny and shimmery appearance. The smooth texture will make you look more amazing and ravishing!

Pick the most Appropriate Petticoat 

The petticoat is always going to be a confusing part. But you have to choose the one whose colour matches perfectly with the base of your saree. After all, you have to look the best! 

Choose the most appropriate colour which goes with your saree so that the look of the saree does not get spoiled. Keep in mind types of the petticoat which goes with your saree. All sarees have different fabrics so they need a petticoat of different fabrics too. 

Like, if you are going to wear a chiffon or georgette saree the best petticoat which goes with it is a satin petticoat. 

If you are wearing a cotton or handloom fabric saree then you should choose a cotton petticoat and for designer sarees, you have to wear a shimmery satin petticoat.

Match the Best Blouse

The next and main part is to select the best matching blouse for your saree. The blouse can be of contrast colour but it should look beautiful along with your saree. 

The colour of the blouse should match nicely with your saree. Usually, every saree has an attached matching blouse with it but if you are trying to wear something different then be a master in choosing the best one. 

You can wear the blouse of the colour which the lace of the saree is having or else you can match your blouse with the colours of patterns and designs available in the saree.

Be the Perfect one in Pleating 

It is difficult for beginners to walk in a saree. But it will not be difficult if you do the pleating of your saree perfectly. Though pleating is the most important part of your saree it should the most perfect one. Pinup your pleating perfectly so that you don't have any hesitation while walking.Use at least two pins while doing pleating. Use one pin at the top of your pleating part and another pin a little downwards from your waist. It will give a perfect look to your pleating and your pleats will be easy to manage.

Drape the correct Pallu

The look of a saree totally depends on your pallu. You can take pallu in Gujarati style or Bengali style but it depends on the type of saree which you are wearing. 

The easiest, simplest and beautiful way to drape a pallu is to keep the pallu open and pin it up at the back of your shoulder. This will give a perfect look to your saree.

Use the required amount of Safety pins

Be smart while using safety pins. Use the required amount of safety pins to drape a saree. If possible then make use of different matching coloured pins. 

The matching coloured safety pins will give your saree a drastic look and it will not appear brightly as the colour of the pin camouflages with the colour of your saree.

Carry a Style

As there are many ways to carry a saree, the draping style of your saree depends upon the shape of your body. You can drape a saree in lehenga style, butterfly style, and many more other styles. 

But being a beginner go with a simple style. If you want to look slim then pin up your pallu and pleats neat and narrow. Make broad pleats so that you look slim form waist. Carrying a slim fit saree will make you look taller. Choose your blouse correctly. 

The fitting of your blouse should be perfect. This will make you look more attractive and elegant.

Be smart with accessories

The accessories add up beauty to your saree but try to avoid wearing heavy accessories if you are wearing a light saree. You should look simple and elegant. You can wear big earrings and try to keep your neck empty this will give you a nice look.

Focus on your hairstyle. Buns are a perfect match that will go best with your saree. Put a bindi on your forehead that will give you a traditional look. Be creative with your makeup.

Your eyes are the most beautiful feature of your face, highlight your eyes to look super gorgeous. You can wear anklets, bangles or bracelets with your saree.

Keep these points in mind and you will be able to wear a perfect saree. 

There are different types of saree draping style and you can get any style of draping easy and if you like to wear sarees and want to see new designs and buy sarees online even if you are in another country like India you can easily buy saree brands in India to save your time and get in less rate from trusted sellers.


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