My First Guest who joined Local Taipei Tour

My First Guest who joined Local Taipei Tour

I am so glad that I had the pleasure of showing our first guest , Celia, around Taipei!

At first, I doubted she may be a liar so I didn’t spend too much time on it. It turns out that I was wrong after more contact with her through emails. The moment when she said she wanted to book our tour, I was surprised and excited at the same time just like the giphy below!!!


Here comes the problem, how to pay the fee? We sent the link to pay online through pay2go, similar to paypal in Taiwan, but it failed.  The bank in Mexico banned the credit card to pay online. There seemed to left  two choices, either pay in cash or  pay by wire transfer. However, wire transfer could be hard for Celia which put me in a dilemma. Should I trust her?  Celia replied me fast and willing to provide all the information I requested. In return, I decided to trust her!

The first place we went was Thousand Island Lake.

You probably heard of it from China, right? The Thousand Island Lake located in Shiding. This small town, used to be a thriving town during Qing-Dynasty due to its superior geographical location as a resting place on the way to Yilan and its coal mine resources and tea trading.

The water forms a wonderful curve where the mountains spread. Therefore, a mixture of mountains and water create an illusion that there are thousands of lakes.



The photo feels like that we were enjoying the spring breeze, but actually it was blowing hard because of typhoon. Well, it didn’t matter since we still had so much fun here.  The sun shines as usual, and we smiled to the camera. How beautiful it is, calm and serene!

12 (2)

Donna and Celia standing in front of the Thousand Island Lake


Taking a deep breath of fresh air, saying goodbye to the impressive reservoir, and we went back to Taipei city ! well, it takes around 1 hour from Shiding to Taipei city! You would never feel bored if you have friends with you. On the road, we shared our stories, talked about our culture and got to know each other! How interesting !



Mexico also has a festival called The Day of the Dead. They visit the grave site and pull weeds, clean any debris and decorate the graves of loved ones.  Often candles, flowers and the favorite foods of the deceased are placed on the grave and the family visits, eats, sings and tells favorite stories about those who have passed. The same as our Ching Ming Festival. I heard that Mexicans are crazy about the death.

The Day of the Dead

The next place was Presidential Office building

Taiwan Presidential Office building

Do you know which country was visiting Taiwan? The green and blue flag with five stars.  It’s Solomon Islands ! I also asked the police but he didn’t know.  Do you know?


Lunch at    Jin Feng Lu Rou Fan (金峰滷肉飯)

— braised fatty pork with rice

Jin Feng Lu Rou Fan , the most famous one in Taiwan, attracts both Taiwanese and tourists. A Taiwanese saying goes, “Where there is a wisp of smoke from the kitchen chimney, there will be lurou fan” (braised pork with rice). The popularity of this humble dish cannot be overstated. If you are in  Taiwan but never try Lu Rou Fan, it means you haven’t been to Taiwan yet!


A perfect way to get a glimpse of dining culture of Taiwan.

In Chinese dining culture, people often order as much food as they can, even they can’t finish it. It’s a way to show our respect to the guest, meaning that you are the most important guest.

Time to move on to the next!  We went to the CKS Memorial Hall 、 Daodoachen and Maoong.


Hope you enjoy it and please don’t hesitate to share it!

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