Food and nutrition tips during self-quarantine

Food and nutrition tips during self-quarantine

Make a plan - take only what you need Food and nutrition during covid-19

Multiple cases of over-purchasing have been observed throughout the WHO European Region. Panic buying behavior may have negative consequences. It is therefore important to consider your own needs, as well as those of others. Assess what you already have at home and plan your intake. You might feel the need to purchase large amounts of foods. This way you can avoid food waste and allow others to access the food they need.

Be strategic about the use of ingredients - prioritize fresh products

Use fresh ingredients and those that have a shorter shelf life first. If fresh products, especially fruits, vegetables and reduced-fat dairy products continue to be available, prioritize these over non-perishables. Frozen fruits and vegetables conveniently used over longer periods of time and often have a similar nutrient profile to fresh foods. To avoid food waste, you may consider freezing any leftovers for another meal.

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