Which blogging platform is best for blogging?

Which blogging platform is best for blogging?

Oct 8, 2021, 11:52:28 AM Tech and Science

These are just 3 popular platforms, but apart from these there are many more. We cannot discuss above all, but we will talk about 2 popular blogging platforms, which is WordPress and Blogger.

Initially many bloggers use Blogger(Blogspot) and then later they shift to WordPress. This does not mean that Blogspot is not good. Even today there are many popular blogs, which are in the blogspot platform.

Blogger or WordPress which is better blogging platform?

There are 2 versions of WordPress; One is wordpress.com and the other wordpress.org. One is free and for the other you have to take hosting. We will talk about self hosted WordPress blog in this post. So let's start, which blogging platform is better; Blogger or WordPress.

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